Meaning of INTRODUCE in English



1. to talk or write about a subject for the first time

2. speech or writing that introduces something


to introduce yourself when you meet someone for the first time : ↑ MEET (3)

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1. to talk or write about a subject for the first time

▷ introduce /ˌɪntrəˈdjuːsǁ-ˈduːs/ [transitive verb]

▪ The first chapter introduces the terms and ideas which will be studied.

▪ Einstein introduced his theory of relativity in 1915, in a scientific paper.

▷ lead into /ˈliːd ɪntuː/ [transitive verb not in passive]

to begin to talk or write about a subject by talking about a similar subject first :

▪ Her lecture began with a talk about her own experience, leading into a more general discussion.

▪ Each Olympic event will be led into by sports experts explaining the format.

▷ preface /ˈprefɪs, ˈprefəs/ [transitive phrasal verb] written

to say or write something about your subject before you talk about the main part of it :

▪ He prefaced his criticisms by saying there was much to admire in the work.

preface with

▪ There are 45 tours, each prefaced with a historical overview of the area.

2. speech or writing that introduces something

▷ introduction /ˌɪntrəˈdʌkʃ ə n/ [countable noun]

▪ After a brief introduction by the Chairman, the meeting began.

▪ Powell wrote in the introduction that all the armed forces must work together as a team.

▷ intro /ˈɪntrəʊ/ [countable noun] spoken

the introduction to a speech :

▪ I’ll start off with a brief intro.

▪ In his intro he said he didn’t know much about language teaching

▷ lead-in /ˈliːd ɪn/ [countable noun]

a short statement that comes before the main part of a speech or piece of writing to tell you what it is about :

▪ The lead-in to a news item should only take a few seconds.

▪ The last sentence in a paragraph should form a lead-in to what is to be discussed in the next paragraph.

▷ introductory /ˌɪntrəˈdʌkt ə ri◂/ [adjective only before noun]

giving a short introduction to a subject before it is discussed or studied in more detail :

▪ Wilson will give the introductory speech at the education conference.

▪ an introductory course on American literature

▷ preface/foreword /ˈprefɪs, ˈprefəs, ˈfɔːʳwɜːʳd/ [countable noun]

a short piece of writing at the beginning of a book, before the main part, that tells what the book is about or the reason for writing it :

▪ In his preface, the author sums up what he has learned from two years of observing political life.

▪ According to the foreword, the cookbook aims to celebrate the rich variety of Chinese food.

▷ prologue /ˈprəʊlɒgǁ-lɔːg, -lɑːg/ [countable noun]

an introduction to a piece of writing, for example a play or a long poem :

▪ The play begins with a brief prologue.

prologue to

▪ the prologue to Shakespeare’s Henry V

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