Meaning of INTRODUCE in English




adopt/introduce a measure (= start using a particular way of dealing with a problem )

The countries agreed to adopt measures to reduce pollution.

impose/introduce a quota (= officially start it )

In 1993 the European Union imposed quotas on banana imports.

introduce a change

A number of changes were introduced to the curriculum.

introduce a concept

The first year of the course introduces the basic concepts of management.

introduce a law

In 1989, a new law was introduced to protect the Polish language.

introduce a system (= start to use it )

The government has introduced a system of student loans.

introduce an act

In 1961, before the Divorce Law Reform Act was introduced, the divorce rate was only 2.1%.

introduce reforms

They increased pressure on the government to introduce political reforms.

introduce restrictions

Nine other states now plan to introduce similar restrictions.

introduce/bring in legislation

The government will introduce legislation to force brewers to list the ingredients in their beers.

introduce/impose a charge

The government introduced a charge for water.

introduce/launch a scheme

The scheme was launched last autumn by the company’s education officer.

propose/introduce/put forward a resolution

The resolution was proposed by the chairman of the committee.




A Bill will be introduced to replace private legislation as the means for authorising transport development schemes.

The Senate bill , introduced by Sen.

The purpose of the Bill is to introduce the concept of traffic calming into statute.

But a bill was introduced in the California Legislature last month would make it illegal.

Ministers agreed, and a Bill was duly introduced in the House of Lords.

And a bill introduced Tuesday by Sen.

That is the background of neglect against which we must realise that the Bill is being introduced .


For the new system to be introduced properly involves a change of constitution and a further vote.

Dorothy set such a goal at a workshop designed to introduce both performance and change .

Ironically enough it was Helsinki which introduced the change .

Q.. Our manager asks for our suggestions before introducing changes , but then he ignores them.

Management had to introduce radical changes rapidly.

TransAction introduces important procedural changes for the home-moving consumer.

Powergen say the cost of introducing the changes is too high.


The purpose of the Bill is to introduce the concept of traffic calming into statute.

Soldo and his co-developer, librarian Richard Schiff, visited many state medical boards to introduce the concept .

What is the point of introducing the concept of imaginary time?

Last year he successfully introduced the concept of market segmentation into a major corporate division.

We have already introduced the concept of the manipulation of antecedents and consequences.

This brief discussion of political subculture serves only to introduce the concept .

Repetitive exercises to introduce the concept of evidence without consultation with primary colleagues is at the least unimaginative.

It is for this reason that we find concepts of such value and that I introduce here the concept of despair.


Yoshitaka introduced new elements to the art, until gradually the art lost some of its distinctive Okinawan features.

Then, just prior to that critical point, introduce the aversion relief element .

Therefore, in some way, often very subtle, these designs all introduce some element other than plan black-on-white writing.

Quantum mechanics therefore introduces an unavoidable element of unpredictability or randomness into science.

In the air, they introduced an element of beauty and grace.

Such racing is not good because it introduces an unpredictable element and is avoided in real system.

Consideration of these sites, whether they were burgi or not, introduces another element into the discussion of fortified small towns.

It is this act which introduces the probabilistic element , the jarring discontinuity in the system's experience.


It is against that background that the Government are introducing the Bill.

But the government will introduce better disclosure standards in April.

At the same time, the Government introduced new student support arrangements.

In four years and eight months, the current Government have introduced 35.

The government has already introduced tougher laws on food hygiene and now it hopes the register will help council officers enforce them.

In recent years, the Government has introduced legislation which has brought fundamental changes to local government.

In September the government introduced legislation in parliament banning all such activity.

Hence the Poplar guardians constantly but unsuccessfully pressed the government to introduce rate equalization.


On the subject of the draft union treaty, Gorbachev introduced the idea of holding a referendum on it throughout the country.

This first chapter also introduces the idea of the ocean as the source of life.

To introduce ideas of symbolism. 4.

Some puppets are simple enough for the children to improvise for themselves once the teacher has introduced the idea .

Freud introduced the idea that a part of the ego is unconscious too.

The learner may view the problem from a new angle and introduce fresh ideas for consideration.

From time to time it is introduced when ideas can be submitted to a committee.

Nevertheless, to introduce the idea of the social cost of monopoly power it is convenient to ignore economies of scale altogether.


In 1854, appeals were introduced on matters of law and lawyers were allowed to practise in these courts.

It tried to introduce laws against the trades unions.

The first of these incidents occurred with the attempt to introduce a law on adoption.

González is seeking to introduce laws limiting the right to strike in key public sectors.

The government has already introduced tougher laws on food hygiene and now it hopes the register will help council officers enforce them.

He did not create a level economic playing field or introduce the rule of law , as the West understands those terms.

The caretaker government had earlier introduced new laws increasing the penalties for election offences.


A Bill will be introduced to replace private legislation as the means for authorising transport development schemes.

The hospitals are the ones that introduced this legislation , and they are perfectly happy with the review process.

We intend to introduce legislation to implement all of them.

The recommendations now move to the congressional intelligence committees, which are expected to introduce legislation incorporating the recommendations.

The man responsible for introducing the fateful legislation was none other than Lionel Curtis.

John Glenn, D-Ohio, intends to introduce legislation that would prohibit ships from discharging organism-laced ballast water in estuaries.

Queensland has introduced legislation to control land clearing.

Miller and Schumer originally had introduced legislation to terminate the sugar program this year.


However, the Maastricht amendments have introduced measures in the sphere of tourism into the Community's express objectives.

Some introduced measures in Congress to prevent Washington from helping move the peace process forward.

Severn Trent has already introduced temporary measures at the site which will help improve the situation.

Stan Barnes, who introduced the measure in the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Why does the Labour party want others to introduce those measures ?

A tough and wide-ranging conservation programme was introduced as an anti-famine measure .

They could be slashed by up to one hundred pounds a year if you introduce some simple energy-saving measures .


The plan would introduce a single class of bearer shares, abolishing the distinction between registered and bearer shares.

There are plans to introduce Cyclops instruments throughout the country.

Rubsamen, founder of Aradigm Corp. in Hayward, plans to introduce AERx in the coming months.

An Individual Transition plan is now being introduced to follow this.

The first administration bill was the special revenue sharing plan , introduced in 1971 and then substantially modified by Congress.

His plans to introduce income tax self-assessment and to reduce the audit burden were welcomed last night by small business organisations.

Despite the plans to introduce a multiparty system, government sources confirmed that new parties would remain banned until further notice.


An attempt was made to introduce a non-fraternisation policy , but with limited success.

For example, he introduced governmental policies that undercut traditional Confucian values.

A cornerstone of its manifesto in 1979 was to introduce policies which would release the wealth-generating powers of the free-market system.

Stoddard have also introduced a policy of using recycled paper whenever possible for their administrative and stationery requirements.

Or he could introduce an exchange rate policy to ease the plight of manufacturing companies.

The organisation has set 2000 as the target for tropical timber producers to introduce sustainable policies .


We will introduce new product labels, showing information such as energy consumption during use and the environmental impact of the production process.

Gillette has managed to grow by continually introducing new products and successfully persuading consumers to switch to its more expensive premium products.

Circle 140 Roth Scientific introduced two new products for automated, quantitative sample preparation.

Lately, the Northern California-based family-run company has introduced other dairy products to Southern California stores.

Thus, firms entering overseas markets must bear this in mind when introducing new products or services.

But Mr Ringler says management plans to expand the remaining businesses by capitalizing on current industry trends and introducing new products .


Though we have introduced reforms , disorder disturbs several areas.

This study examines these contrasts in detail, at a period when the Stock Exchange in London is introducing great reforms .

A number of members of Congress have begun talking about Social Security and introducing reform legislation.

We have also introduced a reform which will give people more choice as to who represents them legally in court.

Theoretically the government had greater leeway to introduce reforms to improve their conditions and increase their productivity.

In a speech on March 30 Hammadi pledged that his government would introduce major democratic reforms .

Less positively on property, the Chancellor introduced further reforms to capital gains tax.


In April 1982 Cambridgeshire introduced a four-year pilot scheme that involved seven volunteer schools: six secondary, one primary.

He went on to say he would introduce a scheme for voluntary union membership as soon as possible.

Mr MacGregor said that he would delay introducing the scheme because of the demands made on teachers by other educational reforms.

He introduced a scheme in a firm which he was a director.

In the meantime, he suggested local authorities and individual schools might introduce their own schemes .

But from 11 October personal pension schemes may introduce facilities allowing scheme members to direct how funds are to be invested.

As part of Estate Action we will introduce a new pilot scheme to promote homesteading.

Labour-controlled authorities have been introducing imaginative schemes for tenant involvement for years.


Fellow car giant Nissan is co-operating with Ford, and will also use luxury cars to introduce the services .

In the early 1980s, the Times-Mirror Company introduced teletext services , called Gateway, with much fanfare.

New working practices would be introduced once passenger services were privatised which would be more flexible.

A charge of £15 to £20 per hour should be introduced for this service .

Aston Martin Lagonda is introducing a service and restoration programme which means its cars should live longer than their owners.

Thus, firms entering overseas markets must bear this in mind when introducing new products or services .

And in the London area, we have introduced an information service to provide employees with advice on childcare options.


Surely we should treat the entire country fairly when introducing a local taxation system .

It was Edison who designed and introduced the electrical distribution system for incandescent lighting by direct current.

He also introduced the Marlborough stipend system - but, unprecedently, for untried artists.

Rousseau introduced a new moral system , which was in essence a reiteration of ideas already set forth by Shaftesbury and Pope.

She even introduced a filing system a couple of years back.

But the rebels introduced an equitable tax system and an agrarian reform program, distributing land to poor villagers.

The earlier that users were involved in systems design, the greater the opportunity to introduce systems in a flexible manner.


The lack of accountability was the reason which drove the Government to introduce the poll tax .

A substantial tax on marriage has been introduced into our tax code for many couples. 5.

For he went on to introduce new taxes .

The majority Nationalists introduced an alternative tax bill Tuesday to block the opposition bill.

We have introduced new tax incentives for savings.

But the rebels introduced an equitable tax system and an agrarian reform program, distributing land to poor villagers.

There would be no reason to have introduced the poll tax and no reason for another arbitrary and unfair property tax.

His plans to introduce income tax self-assessment and to reduce the audit burden were welcomed last night by small business organisations.


The primary reason for introducing new technology such as robots is to reduce costs and improve product quality.

Rockport is a pioneer in trying to introduce athleticshoe technology into dress shoes.

But its games-oriented appeal will introduce basic interactive technology into thousands of homes.

Although the industry is rapidly introducing advanced digital communication technologies , the telephone network continues to be dependent on analog transmission.

First the motivations of managers in introducing new technology would be simply economic - to increase efficiency, productivity and so on.

With modest resources, the Agriculture Department is introducing the new technologies to growers in a handful of pilot projects nationwide.

It will also introduce a new technology platform for Abbey.

Attempts to introduce new cooking-energy technologies will have to be far more systematic.


And now here is Harvey Wolfsheim to introduce the show.

Einstein introduced his theory of relativity in 1915, in a scientific paper.

I don't think we've been introduced yet.

Nearly 60 notebook computer models were introduced in 1991.

Oh, Bob, let me introduce Rosie Webb, our new marketing manager.

Please allow me to introduce myself. I'm John Fetty, the head of business development.

She introduced the subject of sex without any embarrassment.

Slovenia introduced its own currency shortly after independence.

That's a friend of mine from college. Do you want me to introduce you to him?

The bank merger introduced a period of uncertainty in the financial markets.

The concert will be introduced by Richard Baker, who will describe the music we are going to hear.

The first chapter introduces the terms and ideas which will be studied.

The judge ruled that the evidence could not be introduced in court.

Then Meredith discovered that the way to get Harriet relaxed and talking was to introduce the topic of animals.

Yes, we were introduced last year at your party.

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