Meaning of INTRODUCE in English


— introducer , n. — introducible , adj.

/in'treuh doohs", -dyoohs"/ , v.t., introduced, introducing .

1. to present (a person) to another so as to make acquainted.

2. to acquaint (two or more persons) with each other personally: Will you introduce us?

3. to present (a person, product, etc.) to a particular group of individuals or to the general public for or as if for the first time by a formal act, announcement, series of recommendations or events, etc.: to introduce a debutante to society.

4. to bring (a person) to first knowledge or experience of something: to introduce someone to skiing.

5. to create, bring into notice, use, etc., for or as if for the first time; institute: to introduce a new procedure.

6. to suggest, propose, or advance for or as if for the first time: to introduce a theory of geological evolution.

7. to present for official consideration or action, as a legislative bill.

8. to begin; lead into; preface: to introduce one's speech with an amusing anecdote.

9. to put or place into something for the first time; insert: to introduce a figure into a design.

10. to bring in or establish, as something foreign or alien: Japanese cooking was introduced into America in the 1950s.

11. to present (a speaker, performer, etc.) to an audience.

12. to present (a person) at a royal court.

[ 1425-75; late ME introducere to lead inside, equiv. to intro- INTRO- + ducere to lead; see DUKE ]

Syn. 1, 2. INTRODUCE, PRESENT mean to bring persons into personal acquaintance with each other, as by announcement of names and the like. INTRODUCE is the ordinary term, referring to making persons acquainted who are ostensibly equals: to introduce a friend to one's sister. PRESENT, a more formal term, suggests a degree of ceremony in the process, and implies (if only as a matter of compliment) superior dignity, rank, or importance in the person to whom another is presented: to present a visitor to the president.

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