Meaning of INTRODUCE in English


in ‧ tro ‧ duce S2 W1 /ˌɪntrəˈdjuːs $ -ˈduːs/ BrE AmE verb [transitive]

[ Word Family: noun : ↑ introduction , ↑ intro ; verb : ↑ introduce ; adjective : ↑ introductory ]

[ Date: 1400-1500 ; Language: Latin ; Origin: introducere , from ducere 'to lead' ]

1 . WHEN PEOPLE MEET if you introduce someone to another person, you tell them each other’s names for the first time:

Have you two been introduced? Tom, this is Greg.

introduce somebody to somebody

June, let me introduce you to Bob.

introduce yourself (=formally tell someone who you are)

May I introduce myself? My name is Meg Johnson.

2 . NEW SYSTEM/PRODUCT to bring a plan, system, or product into use for the first time:

They want to introduce a system of identity cards.

The store have introduced a new range of food for children.


In everyday British English, people often say bring in a plan, law, system etc rather than introduce it:

They want to bring in a system of identity cards.

3 . BRING SOMETHING TO A PLACE to bring a type of thing somewhere for the first time

introduce something to/into something

The grey squirrel was introduced into Britain from North America.

4 . NEW EXPERIENCE to show someone something or tell them about it for the first time

introduce somebody to something/introduce something to somebody

Malcolm introduced me to the joys of wine-tasting.

5 . PROGRAMME/PUBLIC EVENT to speak at the beginning of and sometimes during a television or radio programme, or at the beginning of a public event:

Jim Adams will introduce tonight’s programme.

6 . START A CHANGE to make something new start to happen or exist in a situation:

The peace agreement has introduced a feeling of optimism here.

7 . LAW to formally present a possible new law to be discussed:

Several senators introduced legislation aimed at sexual harassment.

8 . PUT SOMETHING INTO SOMETHING technical to put something carefully into something else

introduce something into something

Fuel was introduced into the jet pipe.

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