Meaning of HANDLE in English

I. verb


a door handle (= that you move up or down to open a door )

Ella reached for the door handle.

deal with/handle a complaint

Police officers came to the house to deal with a complaint about noise.

deal with/handle an incident

The police were criticized for the way in which they handled the incident.

handle a crisis (= deal with one )

Can he handle the crisis in our prisons?

handle an emergency (= deal with and make decisions about an emergency )

There is always a doctor on call to handle emergencies.

handle/deal with an inquiry

Staff will be available to deal with inquiries.

handling charge

manage/handle the economy

Governments are judged on how well they manage the economy.

shipping and handling

The jewelry can be yours for $15 plus shipping and handling .

the handle of a knife

His hand reached down to the handle of his knife.

too hot to handle (= too difficult to deal with or beat )

Wilkinson found his opponent a little too hot to handle .

treat/handle sb with kid gloves

I want you to treat Hayley with kid gloves today. She’s still upset about her father.

turn the handle/knob/key/tap etc

She gently turned the handle of the bedroom door.




They admired his ability to handle an awkward bill in a café or fix lodgings for the night.

With a goal to our life, our ability to bear and handle the discomfort and pain is also increased.

We will now review evidence on children's ability to handle explanations in each mode.

Accuracy and the ability to handle responsibility with limited supervision are important.

It's an alien situation and I question his ability to handle it.

He has the ability to handle heated situations better than others.

An ability to handle air-sensitive compounds, although not essential, would be an advantage.

To her, Roz was uncanny in her ability to perform. handle outrageous situations, do.


It made her feel she had been incompetent in handling her affairs , and she didn't like that.

Growing familiarity with technology to access bank accounts and to handle financial affairs is boosting interest.

As Pietr's executor I've handled his affairs .

It is time that the black community handles its own affairs .

The defendants' articled clerk handled the wife's affairs and negotiated a financial settlement with the husband's solicitors.

In his last years, he had lived with his daughter Marian Brockamp, who handled his financial affairs .

Mr Theo Simpson, the senior partner, personally handled Miss Needham's affairs .

He told her how to handle their affairs and what to do with the kids.


From a modest start five years ago when 30,000 tonnes were handled the business has grown to 400,000 tonnes perannum.

The ruling also set a firm precedent against deals reached among lawyers handling business lawsuits to keep court filings secret.

The agency companies will also be responsible for ensuring that syndicates are capable of handling the business they take on.

Many more people were hired to handle the new business , on starting salaries of forty-eight grand.

An extra 89 RoadRailer Mailvan trailers will be leased to handle the additional business , bringing the fleet to 166.

Seclusion is at hand a short train ride from Zurich, whose airport handles sleek business jets in nearly any weather.

Of course Ed was really peeved about how Martinez handled the whole Harley business .

With Simmons handling business matters, Rubin acted as talent scout -- and what talent he found!


Yet such inferences need to be handled with care .

Like these elements, it should be handled with meticulous care .

Results must be handled with care .

They should be handled with care and give considerable variety in their diet.

They should be handled with care to minimise damage.

Similarly, changing dividend policy to yield more cash for investment needs to be handled with care .

Virginia liked to watch them when they were in a mood that required that they be handled with extreme care .


The doctor who handled his case has since left.

In addition, Johnson was criticized recently for her handling in a separate case involving freshman Rep.

Seventy clergy in the Diocese publicly criticised the way it had handled the case .

Dan Mulligan, a San Francisco lawyer who specializes in handling lending and foreclosure cases , agreed that homeowners shared responsibility.

Such a rule would prevent solicitors handling the client's case from start to finish.

None the less, Stern has insisted that Nico has endeavoured to handle the case fairly.

Mr Deakin's solicitor alone is handling 400 other similar cases .

The lawyers who first handled the case were dead.


Putin appears to have survived the political storm over his handling of the crisis , according to opinion polls.

If anything, he handled this crisis with more aplomb than the earlier one.

President Bush is being widely praised for his deft handling of the hostage crisis .


Randhawa admitted obtaining by deception, burglary, handling stolen goods and making a threat to kill Miss Nazir.

In such cases no serious scholar was willing to risk his or her reputation by handling or studying stolen goods .

Randhawa handled the goods worth over £5,000 which were stolen.

Jacqueline MacPherson faced a charge of handling stolen goods .

At Teesside Crown Court yesterday, Francis, 36, admitted handling stolen goods .

They swallowed it and said they were charging me with handling stolen goods .

John Henry, 26, of Bexley Heath, will be sentenced later for handling stolen goods .


It also illustrates that small as well as large organizations must decide how to handle the matrixing issue .

However, senior government figures say that Mr Mandelson's handling of the issue has damaged their faith in his political judgment.

My sister-in-law handles the allowance issue in such a way that her kids have learned to budget money.

Hayling went along to meet Anthony Everett, the director who would be handling the issue .

Respondents said the president is better able to handle a variety of issues .

Sometimes such advisers may act for companies to handle the securities issues needed to consummate another transaction, such as an acquisition.

Both companies have impressive tract records in handling AIDS-related issues in the workplace.


Much would depend on Dulles's mission and how he handled the thorny matters confronting him.

Unless he thought there might be a mutually advantageous way to handle the matter between ourselves.

The manager is not available and the receptionist on duty has to handle the matter .

An administrative support team handled such matters as payroll, accounts payable, purchasing, and employment sourcing.

This research aims to find out how families handle these matters concerning inheritance of property in the circumstances of the 1990s.

Many widows are handling financial matters for the first time, she said.

Constable Coupland is the type of fellow you would want handling these matters .

However, he was not without experience in handling such matters .


So, all things considered, I think I have done all right, handled my problem as well as it could have been handled.

One of the best and most practical approaches to handling this problem is the pretest.

In handling these problems , the executives use highly honed skills yet create consequences they do not intend.

There are, however, better and worse ways of handling human problems .

However, there are ways of dealing with stress, handling and overcoming problems .

This is precisely how they are handling the regional problem .

Now John wondered how to handle the problem .


Lehman Brothers, the investment banking firm handling the sale , went to Harvester and objected on simple moral grounds.

Accountants Ernst &038; Young, which is handling the sale , said negotiations were at an advanced stage.

Porter's Lexington team handled the sales project, with decorator contributing her colour expertise.

Lehman Brothers Inc. is expected to handle the sale .

Artisoft will be handling the product's sales .


Inevitably, the divorce had a bad effect on our relationship because I didn't know how to handle the situation .

Such learning is not automatic. 13 Succeeding or failing to handle a situation did not tell the new managers much.

The better way to handle the situation is to render the cats infertile without actually neutering them.

How will you handle this situation ?

If you think your child may be abusing solvents, think carefully about how you are going to handle the situation .

As I climbed the stairs I wondered if I could handle the present situation calmly and tactfully even a bit subserviently.


Only 29 % say they approve of the way it has been handled .

He handled it the same way I handle the pressure of being Junior.

At eleven thirty he was called into James Cadogan's office to talk about the best way to handle their latest commission.

Or the way an intense director handles a movie.

The everyday availability is changing the way legitimate gun owners handle their own firearms.

I believe that, under existing provisions, that is the only way to handle the matter.

Yes, that was the way to handle it.


A lot of people find it difficult to handle criticism.

At one time, AT&T handled over 70% of the nation's long-distance calls.

Bennet was charged with handling stolen goods.

Carver handles the basketball with confidence and skill.

Francis is a natural leader. He's very good at handling people.

HPC Architects handled the architectural work.

I can only handle Bob for about fifteen minutes.

I knew I would have to be very careful how I handled Odette - she was so emotional.

It's her first year as a doctor, but she is handling the pressures of the job very well.

Jones has handled a wide variety of criminal cases.

Please do not handle the fruit and vegetables.

She doesn't want anyone to think she can't handle the pressure.

The whole situation has been very badly handled.

There were a few problems, but nothing I couldn't handle .

This violin is very old and valuable and must be handled carefully.

You'll receive specific training on how to handle angry customers.

You should wash your hands after handling raw meat.

You were very discreet about the whole thing - I appreciate the way you handled it.


Always handle your food jar with care.

Cleaning the beat meant fitting each new situation into past patterns, trying to handle them according to traditional recipes.

He handled me the way I wanted to be treated.

It is the key format for handling large volumes of information.

Lieutenant Richards will tell you that each of the weapons was carefully handled to preserve any possible latent fingerprints.

The better way to handle the situation is to render the cats infertile without actually neutering them.

This extends across all five years and gives students the opportunity to handle animals from the start of the course.

Three or four staff members handle incoming telephone calls.

II. noun




I stroked the long handle of the trowel, wondering if my father had a name for that stick of his.

Eating lost its appeal when bowels could no longer handle waste easily.

The drill itself is a different shape to most models, having a long slender handle and snub-nosed body.

The clothes were agitated by hand, using a wooden dolly, which had four short legs and a long handle .

The so-called Executioner's Axe was really a woodman's axe on a long handle .

It also has a comfortable 5.5 inch long plastic handle .

With a long broom handle , a kitchen fork fixed on its end, they spike away the loose, dry divots.


The knife in Dennis's paw was sharp and serrated, with a sturdy wooden handle .

Explanation Put the hammer down on the table with the wooden handle touching the edge.

In his right hand he's holding a curved knife with a short wooden handle .

Now move the wooden handle of the hammer gradually over the edge of the table.

Bob Grant Fixing handles Q Could you please tell me the best method of fixing turned wooden handles to cutlery blanks?



Dowels and broom handles are useful.

Pushing a broom handle up the tube will allow you to push the plunger up to this moulded shoulder and into the tube.

With a long broom handle , a kitchen fork fixed on its end, they spike away the loose, dry divots.

A hushed audience watched her spread her legs, and present the broom handle to her open crotch.


A couple of minutes later she heard the chair that had wedged the door handle shut being moved.

His head bobbed like some leftover party balloon Lois had tied to the door handle .

She seized hold of the door handle and tried to open it.

I told him to shut up and I seized the door handle and gave it a good tug.

The door handles were red hot.

The door handles fell out of their doors when guests turned them to enter their rooms.

No wonder she hadn't been able to find the door handle .

However, investigators said they are concerned with numerous reports of the door handle jamming.


Pic 14: Segmented folding knife handle , value £30.00.

The knife handle was found in Colchester and may have been used by a legionary.

The knife - the crucial prop here - is visually represented by a fist clenched as though round the knife handle .

Pic 18: Top Celtic bronze knife handle , value £120.

The female figure on the knife handle appears to resemble Aphrodite or Venus, the goddess of love.



If last night hadn't happened, would she still have flown off the handle , sooner or later ...?

He just flew off the handle .

Some people always fly off the handle , and often their anger is totally out of proportion to the problem in hand.

Lila flew off the handle and she realizes that.


Absorption and diffraction could help industrial researchers get a better handle on the materials they use.

From these activities they really get a handle on where I want them to go.

It was just as he got the handle about half way that I noticed Mr McCrindle had joined us.

Daily at five or six a. m. Mr Sammler woke up in Manhattan and tried to get a handle on the situation.

See, I can't even get a proper handle on their mythology.

You figure you've got a handle on all but the most aberrant human behaviour.

This seems difficult to get an up-to-date handle on.

Sun had difficulty getting a handle on the actual yield situation because week-to-week data on the silicon lots varied, Gadre said.


The man grabbed the inside handle with his free hand and began to shake the windows.

I grabbed the door handle , pulled the door open against the force of the wind, and ran up the stairs.

He stumbled toward it, grabbed at the handle , and pulled the door toward him.


He grasped the shaky handle of the office door, and cursed.

You grasp the handle , and can feel the coolness of it in your hand.

She crossed the room in a few quick strides, grasped the handle of the door set in the wall and pulled.

You open the lid by grasping a handle shaped like a burned match.

With one hand he grasped the string handle of the carrier-bag with the Union Jack on it.

You reach out and grasp the handle .

She grasped the heavy iron handle and turned it cautiously.

He grasped the handle of the door in one hand, and that of the spoon in the other.


Nine-stone Deirdre, 39, halted the driverless car by pulling on the door handle .

In theory you pull a handle with operates an air bottle which blows the wheels down.

As I shut the car door, Lucker is there pulling on the handle .

He grabbed it and tugged, pulling the handle from Luke's hand.


She tried the handle and found it was not locked.

He knocked twice on the office door then tried the handle .

Making sure that he was not visible from the house, he tried the brown bakelite handle .

Daily at five or six a. m. Mr Sammler woke up in Manhattan and tried to get a handle on the situation.

I tried each handle in turn.

Colin Campbell strode through the lengthening shadows, pausing now and then to try a door handle before moving on.

Faded gold lettering told him this wasn't the one he was looking for, but he tried the handle anyway.

She tried the handle but the door had obviously been bolted from the inside.


Would that thing out there still know how to simply turn a handle ?

She added some chicory to the coffee beans and turned the handle quickly.

He climbed into the bucket and Endill started to turn the handle .

It took a minute to turn the handle 60 times and fully coil the spring.

As he turned the door handle to enter the building he saw a storm-trooper come out of one of the side rooms.

I turn a rusty handle in the part of my brain that handles mental arithmetic.

He turned a brass handle above the sink and hot water came out.


fly off the handle

Linda called me back and apologized for flying off the handle.

He just flew off the handle.

If last night hadn't happened, would she still have flown off the handle, sooner or later ...?

Lila flew off the handle and she realizes that.

Some people always fly off the handle, and often their anger is totally out of proportion to the problem in hand.

throw a switch/handle/lever

He threw a lever and the twin 1500-horsepower engines roared to life.

The image of Chantal vanished instantly as though some one had thrown a switch.


a knife with an ivory handle


I take the box, and hold it proudly by its string handle .

In front of Twoflower, at chest height, was a small handle shaped like a brass dragon.

Many silver pap boats were converted into cream boats by adding a handle and feet.

Sensing trouble, I let go of the handles of my new barrow and ran into the crowd.

She went over and tried one of the handles, but the cabinet was locked.

The Blue Fog features large patches of rust, an oil leak, a loose handle and a temperamental pull cord.

Then she was twisting the handle and discovering Oliver was not home.

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