Meaning of HANDLE in English


[han.dle] n [ME handel, fr. OE handle; akin to OE hand] (bef. 12c) 1: a part that is designed esp. to be grasped by the hand

2: something that resembles a handle 3 a: title

8. b: name; also: nickname

4. : hand 11c

5: the total amount of money bet on a race, game, or event

6: a means of understanding or controlling "can't quite get a ~ on things" -- han.dled adj -- han.dle.less adj -- off the handle : into a state of sudden and violent anger--usu. used with fly

[2]handle vb han.dled ; han.dling vt (bef. 12c) 1 a: to try or examine (as by touching, feeling, or moving) with the hand "~ silk to judge its weight" b: to manage with the hands "~ a horse"

2. a: to deal with in writing or speaking or in the plastic arts b: to have overall responsibility for supervising or directing: manage "a lawyer ~s all my affairs" c: to train and act as second for (a boxer) d: to put up with: stand "can't ~ the heat"

3: to act on or perform a required function with regard to "~ the day's mail"

4: to engage in the buying, selling, or distributing of (a commodity) ~ vi: to act, behave, or feel in a certain way when handled or directed "a car that ~s well" -- adj

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