Meaning of IMAGE in English



a brand image (= the way a product or organization seems to the public )

A company carefully protects its brand image.

a positive image

It's important to promote a positive image of our industry to young people.

a video image (= a moving picture on a video )

Video images of the surgery are sent to a special lecture theatre, so that students can observe.

an image consultant (= one who advises people how to improve their style or appearance )

The new Prime Minister was advised to see an image consultant.

banish the memory/thought/image etc (of sb/sth)

They tried to banish the memory from their minds.

body image (= what you think you look like )

People tend to have their own body image fixed in their minds.

cleaned up...image

It’s high time British soccer cleaned up its image .

conjure up images/pictures/thoughts etc (of sth)

Dieting always seems to conjure up images of endless salads.

convey an image

At an interview, make sure your clothes convey the right image.

corporate identity/image (= the way a company presents itself to the public )

Our new logo is part of the process of developing our corporate identity.

mental picture/image (= a picture that you form in your mind )

I tried to get a mental picture of him from her description.

mirror image

The situation is a mirror image of the one Republicans faced 25 years ago.

poignant reminder/image/moment etc

a poignant reminder of our nation’s great sacrifices


I hope the team will project a smart professional image .

provocative images

provocative images of young girls

shatter an image (= make people realise the idea they have about something is wrong )

The book shattered the image of the contented American housewife.

shed an image (= change people's opinion about someone or something )

Has the industry finally shed its negative image?

spitting image




Slowly, the process converges on a piece of art that is an expression of the user's own mental image .

One of the delights of traveling is gathering such mental snapshot images of places as you journey around.

Reassess your progress and try to make sure your mental body image fits the reality.

Visualization / Imagery-This technique combines relaxation exercises with the creation of mental images .

In his case words and the mental images that they created were the only available means of communication with his people.

Our mental images of ourselves are tied up in our body image.

Does this mean that our mental images depend on this amine in some way?

Turning to the second problem, suppose we sharpen the notion of an idea by saying that ideas are mental images .


In all likelihood, the racially polarized vote will reinforce Mississippi's negative image far beyond its borders.

The resulting upset and confusion could cause employee walk-outs or the loss of business and create a seriously negative public image .

Lateral reversal a positive or negative image transposed from left to right as in a mirror reflection of the original.

Moreover, critics say that many of the black-themed shows are demeaning and filled with negative images .

Napoli 99 is a private organisation founded in1984 to improve the negative image that the city was acquiring.

A lot of people stood by me, despite the negative images and what people were saying.

Many pre-school poetry collections include material which presents negative images of older people.

He may even believe the negative image that has been presented of him cost him a spot on the latest Dream Team.


The company obviously needed a new image to express their growing importance internationally.

But white-collar crime seems to be the new image of the law profession.

What an incentive to carry with my new body image .

When you spin the card rapidly, the new image appears before the old one is gone.

Tolkien needed a new image for ultimate bravery, one milder but not weaker than Beorhtwold's.

These new images demonstrate that there was enough heat to drive the flows on the surface.

And scouting for a new image .

The finishing touches are being put on a £800,000 new image for the once-neglected thoroughfare.


The Symbolist poets and artists were unanimous in their aversion to the photographic image .

Positive a true photographic image of the original made on paper or film.

He has inverted the traditional precepts governing the photographic image , demonstrating the value of visual contradiction.

Through photographic images we see a few of the attempts by contemporary artists to find the real face.

Odilon Redon questioned the universal assumption that the photographic image was a transmitter of truth.

Something else that interests Roles is the authority of the photographic image , our strong conventions of how to view a photograph.

New ways, he believed, must perforce be antagonistic to the photographic image .


Lateral reversal a positive or negative image transposed from left to right as in a mirror reflection of the original.

None the less, there are always people waiting in the wings to discredit a positive image .

A positive image in conflicting times.

All these movies had those so-called positive images black folks claim we are dying to see.

Others do not often see this as a genuine option, however, so how may we present a more positive image ?

I have to do what I can to project a positive image .

These are all editorial choices, and few of them create positive images for television audiences.

These favors helped to play up my positive image .


So, the artists' shell remains intact, the fusty public image undisturbed.

Gore masterfully played off his public image as a stiff, wooden personality who leaves audiences sitting on their hands.

It was widely agreed that the episode had damaged the public image of Congress and had discredited the confirmation process.

The public image of telecommuting has been dominated by cottage cuteness.

As far as public image is concerned, the prevailing consumer-oriented climate is one in which professional practices are increasingly scrutinised.

Their public image is all important.

It also contributed to a negative change in the public perception and image of lawyers.

And it may even pay better, both in promoting a positive public image and in attracting employees.


Remember the importance of the visual image and try to keep your theme unified and simple.

They quickly detect changes in the visual image and tend to exaggerate them.

Our own visual image appears to be continuously updated as long as our eyes are open.

The visual image is broken up into areas of near-uniform illumination and the boundaries between them.

The more usual version of this theme is simply that one has a visual image of the part of the body touched.

Since the computer database does not incorporate visual images , corresponding photographs are kept on file.

Needles and Opium is a collage of physical and visual images , film footage and low-key monologue.

Maybe you need to try a different visual image , or another technique?



You will need time to adjust to your new body image .

Gay culture has developed a powerful, even merciless system of rewards and penalties based on body image .

What an incentive to carry with my new body image .

They usually focus on one of three areas: normal eating; comfortable exercise; or improved body image .

How did having cancer affect your body image and self esteem?

Our mental images of ourselves are tied up in our body image.

Reassess your progress and try to make sure your mental body image fits the reality.

Those from the parietal lobe are associated with motor and sensory symptoms and disorders of the body image .


Rather it is presented as simply a mirror image of the subjectivist principle of mens rea.

The history that Mr Gingrich teaches is a mirror image of what the left is advancing.

Such a view is called into question by Jacques Lacan's understanding of the subject's relation to the mirror image .

The capital account is always the mirror image of the current account.

You could then fill the left-hand square with a design and create a mirror image of the design in the right-hand square.

They are doctored-up mirror images , innocuous illustrations of everyday events in which skill of execution utterly predominates over imagination.

This, he believes, is the new mirror image .

In many ways, the situation facing investors today is a mirror image of what prevailed this time last year.



Art will move from the static to exploit fully dynamic, changing images .

How can I change this false image of me? &038;.

Now, London Zoo, like all others, has changed its image .

Joe McGlory, club boss, says plans are in hand to change the image of the club.

And it looks as if he's going to change the image of poodles for ever.

He would have to work hard, clean himself up; change his whole image .

What effect would a deliberate attempt to change this image have?

With the variety now available you can change the image of your home, simply by changing your furniture.


It conjures up vague images of past imperialistic glories which are hardly relevant.

Silly me, I have begun to conjure up an image of Newt Gingrich as a man more used than using.

It will take a masterly spin doctor to conjure upbeat images from a bleak Kansas youth.

I conjured up an image of Frank at work on one of his stones.

Lisa's story had conjured up an arresting image .

Snow White is a classic tale, one that conjures up wonderful images of mythical creatures.

Even quite wealthy individuals confess to conjuring up images of going cold and hungry.

He tried to conjure up an image of Henry Dark, but nothing came to him.


It can create three dimensional images under ambient, non-destructive conditions.

Sound beliefs create images of strength, while unhealthy beliefs distort the reflection in bizarre, unattractive ways.

Over the last year he had worked hard to create an image for himself and it was paying off.

On the other hand, supporters spend time and money to create an image that sells.

Theology tests and determines the sense of the images , it does not create it.

Other artists have created even more literal images , on a huge scale.

I like to create my own image .

He tends to create images of empty spaces, of objects in isolation.


A police report said the scheme would improve the image of Middlesbrough town centre night-life.

The World Bank is finding it difficult to improve its image .

The only way Marana can improve its image is to improve the way it does business.

The private sector, for example, was central to the approach, and improving the city's image was seen as vital.

The committee welcomed the police's higher profile and said it had improved the image of Darlington town centre.

Also a conservatory can improve the overall image and give an extra incentive to attract new customers.

Police are keen to bring in registration to improve the image of the Teesside club scene.


The ability to work under pressure and present a good image are important.

Its main function, however, appears to be to present a better image of Sri Lanka to the outside world.

You could present inputs of numeral images with the expected outputs.

Furthermore, Picasso was anxious to present in each image as much essential information about the subject as he could.

Others do not often see this as a genuine option, however, so how may we present a more positive image ?

A well-written and crafted letter which is professionally presented will present a positive image both of the writer and of the organisation.

Relocation to an area which presented the right company image together with good facilities for employees could ease the problem.


The radio waves, magnetic field and computer technology combine to produce vivid images of the body's soft tissue.

The photographic camera thus became the foremost means for producing or recording such images .

The resolution of these pictures is still relatively coarse and they produce only a stationary image at a single moment in time.

X-ray technology, the machines, in scanning for contraband, produce a crude image of visitors' bodies without clothing.

Two or more images would then be seen, with cases of high symmetry producing a ring image.

Yes, in the sense that the lens produces an inverted image of the world on the back of the eye.

Most photocopiers can produce reasonably good images from photographs, including colour snaps.

There are also survey methods for producing images that show how hard the brain is working.


In the absence of significant parties, nominations could be won by charismatic self-starters who could project an acceptable image .

Reagan wanted to project the same image of himself.

In every case television in its full variety of formats has been the primary influence in projecting the parties' images .

I have to do what I can to project a positive image .

Particularly worrisome were the fruit drinks, which projected a wholesome image while containing sugar in some form or another.

On one wall you see a projected image of a man bathing himself from an enameled bucket.

The sparkling white pullover and newly pressed black corduroys were designed to project an image of calm sophistication.

He puts his selected objects into lighted cases and projects their images outward through lenses in the peepholes.


be the spitting image of sb

But we both agreed the little mite was the spitting image of the man.

It was the spitting image of him.

harm sb's image/reputation

The report has harmed the town's reputation as a health spa.

public image

And it may even pay better, both in promoting a positive public image and in attracting employees.

Gore masterfully played off his public image as a stiff, wooden personality who leaves audiences sitting on their hands.

Her public image is that of a sassy mystic, but she has the showbiz mastery of a Gloria Swanson.

If that ever got out, he'd have to worry about his public image.

It's the badger living up to it's cute and cuddly public image.

She has been too busy to cultivate many friendships and too concerned about her public image to date casually.

Telephonists, receptionists, porters as well as professional staff are the people who create the public image of the local service.

Their public image is all important.


At forty-six, Burnett hardly fits most people's image of an American college student.

He doesn't really need those glasses - they're just part of his "intellectual" image .

I like her new image - it's a lot more dignified.

Mickey Mouse's image was plastered on billboards all over town.

People have this image of me as some kind of monster.

Perth is proud of its image as a breeding ground for "don't-take-no-for-an-answer" entrepreneurs.

Since I started working in this company, I have tried to maintain the image of a winner.

The image of the tree in "Cinderella" is particularly important because it symbolizes personal growth.

The images of starving people on the news was what motivated us to send money.

The images on a computer screen are made up of thousands of tiny dots.

The digitized images can be stored on a computer hard disk, or printed out on special photographic paper.

the flickering images of an old silent movie

The party is seeking to improve its image with female voters.

The President's advisers said it would be bad for his image to be photographed with union leaders.

The princess tried to project an image of herself as serious and hardworking.

The scandal has badly hurt her image as an honest politician.

This latest scandal has severely hurt his image as a leader.

When he stared at his image in the mirror, Smith saw a middle-aged man.


But Moore is far more outrageous than her pop-culture image .

I looked horrible - this bony, awkward, pitiful image .

It was not direct preparation for production that the schools should be providing but image building.

Most of the locations favourable for the emission of sound correspond more or less exactly to a painted image on the wall.

Some have made pilgrimages to re-enact ancient rituals in caves, others have dressed in costumes and objects evoking traditional Goddess images.

The image can be seen from a variety of angles.

The image Johnson had smashed was restored by Louis: he was controllable.

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