Meaning of IMAGE in English

/ ˈɪmɪdʒ; NAmE / noun


[ C , U ] the impression that a person, an organization or a product, etc. gives to the public :

His public image is very different from the real person.

The advertisements are intended to improve the company's image.

Image is very important in the music world.

stereotyped images of women in children's books


[ C ] a mental picture that you have of what sb/sth is like or looks like :

images of the past

I had a mental image of what she would look like.


[ C ] ( formal ) a copy of sb/sth in the form of a picture or statue :

Images of deer and hunters decorate the cave walls.

a wooden image of the Hindu god Ganesh

➡ note at picture


[ C ] a picture of sb/sth seen in a mirror, through a camera, or on a television or computer :

He stared at his own image reflected in the water.

Slowly, an image began to appear on the screen.

—see also mirror image


[ C ] a word or phrase used with a different meaning from its normal one, in order to describe sth in a way that produces a strong picture in the mind :

poetic images of the countryside


- be the image of sb/sth



Middle English : from Old French , from Latin imago ; related to imitate .

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