Meaning of IMAGE in English


n. 1 likeness, representation, picture, sculpture, statue, effigy, figure, portrait, simulacrum; icon or ikon, idol, graven image, fetish, tiki Images of Bol¡var can be seen in every town square in Venezuela The tribesmen still worshipped golden images of their gods. 2 epitome, duplicate, copy, counterpart, facsimile, replica, double, twin, Doppelg„nger, clone, Colloq spitting image or spit and image, (dead) ringer He's the image of father He stared at his image in the mirror. 3 impression, concept, conception, perception, idea, perception, notion, mental picture You are quite different from my image of you 4 epitome, representative, model, (typical) example, essence, archetype, embodiment, incarnation, personification, materialization, reification, corporealization For us, she was the very image of what a leader should be 5 figure (of speech), trope, metaphor, allusion, simile, symbol The poem contains images that are obscure unless you know Greek myths 6 form, appearance, likeness, guise, semblance, aspect, mould, cast Man claims to be created in God's image

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