Meaning of SADDLE in English


I. noun


be burdened with/saddled with debts (= have big debts )

Many poor countries are saddled with huge debts.

saddle bag

saddle shoe


At the last second, he jumped from the saddle and swung on the trailer roof as the horse went in.

Hold the front of the saddle if you like.

Kelly's eyes flicked from the body on the ground to the horse, trampling the saddle beneath its unfeeling hoofs.

Ringlero has never owned his own saddle .

She had seen them on their expensive horses, swooping across country, confident in the saddle .

Somehow, she stayed in the saddle .

The horse was willing, and allowed the man to place bridle and saddle upon him.

The road crawled upward toward the place where the saddle emptied into sky.

II. verb




The prospect of students saddling themselves with enormous debts to pay their course fees and their maintenance is a frightening one.

The consumer watchdog believes that borrowers are left saddled with massive debt despite believing that they have cleared their loan.


Ranulf was ordered to saddle the horses and Corbett led his little party from the abbey and up into the town.

We went to the corral and caught and saddled the horses .


Cirrus also was saddled with higher operating costs than other companies, in part because it had grown so fast.

Having appeared to saddle Eliot with reading Sorel's book, I was reluctant to impose further tasks on him.

Hell hath no fury like that of an unsuspecting mule about to be saddled with two, 10-foot kayaks.

His proposed tax cuts are warmed-over Reaganomics that could saddle our children with an ever-increasing national debt.

In haste she saddled it, hung a small sack of oats in front and led it away from the house.

It was the last intention in me life to saddle meself with her.

They also got saddled with thoroughly useless center Stojko Vrankovic and his extra-large contract.

Without a bumper harvest, refinancing will saddle many farmers with more debt that they can handle.

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