Meaning of SADDLE in English


I. ˈsad ə l noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English sadel, from Old English sadol, sadul; akin to Old High German satul saddle, Old Norse söthull; all from a prehistoric Germanic word perhaps borrowed from an eastern Indo-European word represented by Old Slavic sedlo saddle; akin to Latin sedēre to sit — more at sit



(1) : a seat shaped to fit the inside contours of the buttocks of a rider on horseback and made of a leather-covered wooden frame that is padded to comfortably span a horse's back, raised in front and rear, provided with stirrups, and secured by a girth passing under the belly of the horse

a journey of 63 miles in the saddle — Sacramento (Calif.) Bee

few horses are worked under saddle … for fear they will break down — A.J.Liebling

— see english saddle , mcclellan saddle , stock saddle

(2) : a padded part of a harness centered on a horse's back, fastened with a girth, and used to keep the breeching in place and to carry guides for the reins

(3) : an adaptation of a riding saddle — see packsaddle

b. : a seat similarly designed to be straddled on a bicycle, tricycle, motorcycle, or similar vehicle — see bicycle illustration

c. : the part of a gymnastics side horse between the pommels

2. : a device mounted as a support and often shaped to fit the object held: as

a. : a hollowed block of wood attached to a spar on a ship as a crutch for another spar

b. : a block over which the cables of a suspension bridge pass or to which they are anchored

c. : the part of a gun carriage that supports the trunnions


(1) : a sliding carriage for a tool or work-holding table on a machine tool (as a lathe or a milling machine)

(2) : the part of a binder's sewing machine on which the sections of a book are spread and placed for sewing

e. : chair 5a

f. : a seating for a cylindrical steam boiler

g. : the part of a partial denture that carries an artificial tooth and has connectors for adjacent teeth attached to its ends

h. : a fitting mounted on a pipe (as a gas or sewer main) for attaching a new connection (as a service line) where no branch has been provided and the main is not thick enough for direct connection

i. : a transverse log with a depression cut in it to guide logs along a skid road

j. : a fired clay support for ceramic ware during a glazing fire



(1) : a ridge connecting two higher elevations : a low point in the crest line of a ridge

(2) : col 2

b. : saddle reef

c. : a minor upfold along the axis of a syncline

d. : a minor downfold along the axis of an anticline

4. : a part or marking of an animal suggesting the saddle of a horse in form or position:


(1) : hindsaddle

a saddle of mutton

(2) : both sides of the unsplit back of a carcass including both loins : the undivided loins prepared for roasting

(3) : the lower part of the back with the hind legs of a frog


(1) : a colored marking on the back of an animal

(2) : a portion of a suture in a cephalopod shell that forms an angle or curve whose convexity is directed toward the orifice of the shell — opposed to lobe

(3) : the rear part of a male fowl's back extending to the tail and covered by long narrow feathers resembling the true hackle — see cock illustration

(4) : the clitellum of an earthworm

(5) : ephippium 2


a. : cricket 5

b. : the metal covering of a roll on a metal-covered roof

c. or saddleback ˈ ̷ ̷ ̷ ̷ˌ ̷ ̷ : a ridge that divides a coaling hatch of a ship so that the coal is diverted into the bunkers at each side

6. : a two-number combination selected to appear among the numbers that will win in a lottery

7. : a strip of thin board or metal covering the floor joint on the threshold of a door : sill

8. : a bridging piece between a pair of cylinders in a locomotive

9. : the central part of the backbone of the binding of a book


a. : an ornamental piece or pair of pieces of leather extending across the instep of a shoe and often contrasting in color or design

b. : saddle shoe

11. : a canvas jacket used on turkey hens to prevent injury during treading

12. : a folded paper attached over a bag closure to label or strengthen (as for hanging on display) — called also header

- in the saddle

[s]saddle.jpg[/s] [

saddle 1a(1): 1 western, 2 English


II. verb

( saddled ; saddled ; saddling -d( ə )liŋ ; saddles )

Etymology: Middle English sadelen, sadlen, from Old English sadelian; akin to Old High German gi satilen to saddle, Old Norse söthla; denominative from the root of Old English sadol saddle

transitive verb

1. : to put a saddle upon

saddled their horses and mounted and rode up to the door — Irving Bacheller

— often used with up


a. : to place under a burden or encumbrance : weigh down with an onerous responsibility or restriction — usually used with with

finds himself saddled with a woman he does not want — Vernon Jarratt

the taxpayers of the nation would be saddled with the tremendous burden of the additional costs — U.S. Code

saddling the nation with restrictive laws — New Republic

b. : to place (an onerous responsibility, restriction, or reputation) on a person or group — usually used with on

the military attempt to saddle on labor the responsibility for shortages — Atlantic

saddle tighter government and military control on the nation — Lindesay Parrott

3. : to put in place, support, join, or shape by or as if by means of a saddle

4. : to put on like a saddle : to cause to straddle

barn swallows which … saddled their nest in the loop of a rope — John Burroughs

saddle the stag's carcass on a pony

5. : to send (a horse that one has trained) into a race

the trainer who has saddled the greatest number of winners — Harry Disston

intransitive verb

1. : to mount a saddled horse

2. : to put a saddle on an animal

had to saddle for him the first few times

— often used with up

Synonyms: see burden

III. adjective

Etymology: saddle (I)


a. : of or attached to a saddle

a saddle holster

b. : designed for use while riding horseback

a saddle coat

a saddle rifle

2. : ridden with or suitable for riding with a saddle

a saddle pony

bareback bronc riding and saddle bronc riding

3. : caused by riding or by being under a saddle

saddle soreness

a saddle irritation

4. : resembling a saddle in shape or position

saddle fuel tanks


a. : riding horseback : mounted

a saddle preacher

b. : of or relating to horsemanship with a saddle horse

won the five-gaited saddle championship

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