Meaning of SADDLE in English


n. & v.


1. a seat of leather etc., usu. raised at the front and rear, fastened on a horse etc. for riding.

2 a seat for the rider of a bicycle etc.

3 a joint of meat consisting of the two loins.

4 a ridge rising to a summit at each end.

5 the part of a draught-horse's harness to which the shafts are attached.

6 a part of an animal's back resembling a saddle in shape or marking.

7 the rear part of a male fowl's back.

8 a support for a cable or wire on top of a suspension-bridge, pier, or telegraph-pole.

9 a fireclay bar for supporting ceramic ware in a kiln.

1. put a saddle on (a horse etc.).

2 a (foll. by with) burden (a person) with a task, responsibility, etc. b (foll. by on, upon) impose (a burden) on a person.

3 (of a trainer) enter (a horse) for a race.

Phrases and idioms:

in the saddle 1 mounted.

2 in office or control.


1. each of a pair of bags laid across a horse etc. behind the saddle.

2 a bag attached behind the saddle of a bicycle or motor cycle. saddle-bow the arched front or rear of a saddle. saddle-cloth a cloth laid on a horse's back under the saddle. saddle-horse a horse for riding. saddle-sore chafed by riding on a saddle. saddle stitch a stitch of thread or a wire staple passed through the centre of a magazine or booklet.


1. the frame of a saddle.

2 a tulip-tree (with saddle-shaped leaves).


saddleless adj.

Etymology: OE sadol, sadul f. Gmc

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