Meaning of SADDLE in English


I. ˈsa-d ə l noun

Usage: often attributive

Etymology: Middle English sadel, from Old English sadol; akin to Old High German satul saddle

Date: before 12th century



(1) : a girthed usually padded and leather-covered seat for the rider of an animal (as a horse)

(2) : a part of a driving harness comparable to a saddle that is used to keep the breeching in place

b. : a seat to be straddled by the rider of a vehicle (as a bicycle)

2. : a device mounted as a support and often shaped to fit the object held


a. : a ridge connecting two higher elevations

b. : a pass in a mountain range


a. : both sides of the unsplit back of a carcass including both loins

b. : a colored marking on the back of an animal

c. : the rear part of a male fowl's back extending to the tail — see duck illustration

5. : the central part of the spine of the binding of a book

6. : a piece of leather across the instep of a shoe

• sad·dle·less -d ə l-(l)əs adjective

- in the saddle


saddle 1a(1): 1 western, 2 English


II. verb

( sad·dled ; sad·dling ˈsad-liŋ, ˈsa-d ə l-iŋ)

Date: before 12th century

transitive verb

1. : to put a saddle on


a. : to place under a burden or encumbrance

b. : to place (an onerous responsibility) on a person or group

intransitive verb

: to mount a saddled horse

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