Meaning of SPLIT in English

I. verb


a group splits up (= the members decide not to play together anymore )

The group split up because of ‘musical differences’.

a splitting headache (= a very bad headache )

The next day he woke up with a splitting headache.

banana split

break/split into a grin

The old man’s face broke into a grin.

divide/split sth in half

Divide the dough in half.

divide/split sth into categories

The exhibition of 360 paintings is divided into three categories.

divide/split/share sth fifty-fifty

The companies split the profits fifty-fifty.

split along...lines

The committee was split along party lines .

split ends

split infinitive

split personality

split screen

a split-screen movie

split second

For a split second the two men hesitated.

split shift

split ticket

split-ticket voting

split up/break up with your girlfriend (= stop having a romantic relationship )




The row over Rekyavik's application almost split the organisation in half.

She gave me a great, gummy grin which almost split her face in two.

The ensuing rows almost split the western alliance.


The graduate's skull split apart into four pieces like a coconut.

A brother and sister are split apart , and his identity gets swallowed up in an institution.

There was a muffled explosion, and the air beside the sergeant seemed to split apart .

Single-issue, factional politics has split apart the parties' traditional coalitions.

After Beethoven, the two split apart .

He felt his chest chopped down and split apart .

In the post-war world the fireside has been split apart , indeed subsumed to the kitchen.

The old plates split apart , usually along a line running down the back, and the insect hauls itself out.


Scientists were deeply split on the uses to which the discoveries of atomic physics were being put.


I understand that our fee will be split equally between both parties.

Your income will be added together and any benefit entitlement will be split equally between you.

For three years he would supply funds to run the farm, any profits being split equally between Tom and himself.


There also seems to be agreement that our new Congress will be more evenly split , and thus dysfunctional.

Only in the old industrial states of Massachusetts and Rhode Island was opinion evenly split on this issue.

In fact, the original version is virtually split evenly into two blocks of Orientation and Complicating Action.

On the issue of abortion rights, Texans split evenly with 46 percent favoring abortion rights and 46 percent opposing abortion.

Parents typically equate fairness with equality, seeking to evenly split the wealth they bequeath among their offspring.

They surveyed 1, 598 organizations in 40 different industries about evenly split between manufacturing and the service sector.

Other more constructive workers split evenly between those favoring casual and those preferring declared.

Democratic party rules require that state delegations to the convention be split evenly between men and women.


Military sources said the unarmed plane split off from another MiG during a training flight east of the Golan Heights.

It was founded after the Price family split off from the merged company.

As the phrase suggests, a main trunk of cables splits off into branches which supply individual subscribers.

We split off into three groups now and Betsy Bass Shands became our guide.

In the breeding season pairs split off from the social group and make a rough platform nest for two white eggs.

One platoon splits off and marches toward the crowd, their bayoneted rifles set at a 45-degree angle.

After syndication, these warrants can be split off from the bond and traded separately.

Two split off and went in a southerly direction.


Even the girl's parents were split over the use of her case in Tuesday's broadcast.

Cabinet and scientific opinion is split over the issue.

On the face of it, it is hardly promising that the soft left has immediately split over the post of deputy.

Ministers could also face congregations split over questions of finance, doctrine or politics - the last especially after 1886.

A large stitch pattern template will automatically be correctly split over the appropriate number of Mylar sheets when necessary.


Lots of big companies tied the knot, while some huge ones split up .

Tony talked about his ex-girlfriend and then remembered how upset he had become when his parents split up when he was 14.

This year, they split up .

When my parents split up they didn't know what to do with me.

They split up for a while and then reunited to search for the items on the last few cards.

We even split up for a while.

We had split up all the household chores that way: a week on and a week off.



Its loss-making state rail network was split into six geographically-based companies and one freight company in 1987.

Though the group split from the company in 1969, the strong pro-pharmaceutical spirit lingers.

Most cuts will come in 1996 as the telecommunications giant prepares to split into three companies .


In many cases, couples sharing a mortgage are likely to split the costs in half.

My father and Mr Calder agreed to split the cost of repairs to the Wrights' car.

All you need is enthusiastic, if affluent, friends to split the £3,150 cost for the day.

Afterward, the city and the port would split the cost of disposing the ground water.

Another idea is to split the cost of radio adverts.

Our parents split the cost of our tuition and housing.


He has refused, arguing that a definitive legal answer would split the country irrevocably.

He claimed it was part of a plot to split his country so the West could control its oil supplies.

This would split the country , it might even split the party.


Even those who attempt to split the difference are not too fussy about where the line is drawn.

Ross proposed that they split the difference and suggested a date in 1998.

We decided that I would live and split the difference between then and a projected now.

Now let me see if I can split the difference .


She gave me a great, gummy grin which almost split her face in two.

A smile split Ember's face .


Parliament is split into factions with no single group in the majority.

At this congress the delegates split into two factions .


But parents have criticised the plans and are worried that rezoning could split their families to different schools.


His father died, he lost his job and he split up with his girlfriend , Darlington magistrates heard.


From there the various groups would split up and make their way individually.

California and Cassidy reunited Spirit in 1974, but after three albums in three years, the group split up.

A group that threatens to split the Wimbledon Dharjees right down the middle!

Though the group split from the company in 1969, the strong pro-pharmaceutical spirit lingers.

There was no truth in rumours of a group split .

There are organisational problems in allowing the group to split into two such distinct factions.

On Wednesday and Thursday, when we also have day students, the group will be split .


This too was split in half by the storm.

The sword splits the tree in half and Adonis tumbles out.

Under the agreement Mondadori was to be split into roughly equal halves , each worth around US$800 million.

Beyond them the world was split cleanly in halves between sea and sky.

He says that the tree is split into two halves .


Cabinet and scientific opinion is split over the issue .

The Roosevelt family is split on the issue .

The judges in Strasbourg split 5-4 on the issue .

Only in the old industrial states of Massachusetts and Rhode Island was opinion evenly split on this issue .

On Tuesday, it appeared that there might be enough votes to split the two issues .

Courts are split on this issue .


We split you down the middle .

Those whose main interest was Soviet Jewry were split down the middle .

Until the motion was tabled, the 480-seat lower house of parliament appeared to be split down the middle .

But initial reactions aren't always right and it seems to me that people are split down the middle .


Both the main parties were split with Labour more favourable to television than the Conservatives.

The second issue is how - no longer whether - the party will split .

A unified Democratic party versus an ideologically split Republican party.

He split and mortally wounded the Labour Party .

A year later, in May of 1741, the two parties of Presbyterians split .

On his return to Ireland the party split .

Opponents of the deal say they intend to fight on, and there are fears that the party could be split .


Next day 249 Squadron was split into two sections , one half commanded by Barton and one by Neil.

Five worlds split into several sections is certainly enough to keep you burning the midnight oil.

The slopes of Obergurgl are split into two sections , accessible to each other only by bus.


A normal, loose-fitting skirt can be split up the side and fitting with a Velcro fastening.

The base split from side to side but fortunately the water only seeped out.

A tall barrel had split its sides , gaped.

It was at this point that I left to seek medical help for fear I would split my sides .


Workers are split into teams and encouraged to discuss problems in the evenings and at weekends.

We were split into two separate teams and taken into the play area.

The points for a drawn game should be split based on the team scoring the most tries.


Voight and I split the vote .

The chamber's two independents split their votes .

Her great threat to the Howard government is to split the conservative vote three ways.

Such individuals split their vote fairly evenly between Democratic and Republican candidates in 1982, but not in 1994.

A new Green Party, therefore, could potentially split the liberal vote and prove a boon to the Republicans.

In 1906 he stood for North Lambeth, where he split the Liberal vote and came third.



Under the Bill, courts will have the power to decide how to split a pension.

They decided to split into subgroups around each of the three initiatives, and went to work.

He decided to split the party, sending Mayne to attack this new target, while he dealt with Sirte itself.


a split second

be torn/split/rent etc asunder

If the momentum picks up, conventional politics could be torn asunder .

In 1964, the Republican Party was torn asunder by the nomination of conservative Barry Goldwater.

The veils are parting, the mists are rent asunder .

This unity was to be rent asunder by changes in technology and by the impact of the Modern Movement in architecture.

divide/split sth down the middle

The vote was split right down the middle .

We split you down the middle .

split sth two/three etc ways

splitting headache

Chapter Twelve Melissa slept late and awoke with a splitting headache.

I couldn't move my arms or legs, my body tingled all over and I had a terrible splitting headache.

I realized that I had a splitting headache and that my knee joints were uncertain of their purpose when I stood up.

It allowed Nicholas a long, hard night's sleep, followed by a splitting headache in the morning.

They hold their heads tight when coughing because of the splitting headache.

What good can you do mooning around worrying, picking at your food like an anorexic, and giving yourself splitting headaches?


Split the leek in half lengthwise, and cut it into 1/4-inch pieces.

A metal tube split open in the steam generator of the nuclear power plant.

At first, her earnings were split down the middle with her agent.

Feelings about the war split the country right down the middle.

For this exercise, I'm going to split the class into three groups.

He split the company in half, and then sold both new companies to different buyers.

He bent down and split his trousers.

He said that the land should be split between his four sons.

His head was split open in the accident.

Hudson's coat had split right up the back.

I think we should split whatever we get four ways.

Rutherford first split the atom on 3rd January 1919.

She learned to split logs and stack a woodpile.

The back of the chair had split in two.

The class split into two. Half of us went to the museum and half to the cathedral.

The debate over the use of military force has split legal scholars.

The US is hoping to split the cost of developing the new plane with Japan.

The window frames are old and the wood is starting to split .

These shoes are so old the canvas had split .

They planned to rob a bank, split the money, and leave the country.


About a mile in, the canyon splits.

Highly monochromatic laser light is split by the mirror M to travel along the two arms.

My father and Mr Calder agreed to split the cost of repairs to the Wrights' car.

The more l-e spoke, the more he felt he was softly split in two.

The plague spreads: more atoms split , and then yet more.

This phrase always intrigued Bob; as if the speaker could split herself in two, providing a doppelganger companion.

Typical projects are expected to be split fairly evenly between hardware, software and services.

II. noun




The monkeys themselves have a deep split between the Old World and the New.

The deep political split on the Council about public funding is obvious.

He says we like to see a good deep split .


That year Hoffman-LaRoche declared a fifty-for-one stock split .

The results reflect a 2-for-1 stock split during the second quarter of 1997.

And by 1985 it had reached $ 150 a share, stock splits considered.

From an economic perspective, there is no substantive difference between a stock split and a stock dividend.

Allen said, up from 19 cents a year earlier, adjusted for a 5-for-4 stock split .

And remember that, although a stock split makes you feel richer, you gain no additional value, just more paper.



And he accused her of having a split personality .

It gives men and institutions split personalities .

Rafter watched and waited, perhaps hoping that Ivanisevic's split personalities would unravel.


I was out of my bed in a split second , shoe in hand and lights on.

For a split second , she struggled.

They had no time to gasp, or clutch at each other, or even writhe in a split second of torment.

In a split second she's inside.

For a split second , the noise that had been rising from stadium to sky descended from sky to stadium.

Bombs in the magazine detonate in chain reaction in a split second .

For a split second , it took the oxygen out of the air.



This index adjusts automatically for splits .


a split in the seam of his pants

The new policy has led to a split in the armed forces.

There is a deep split in the country over the best way to move forward the peace process.

There is a startling split between men's and women's views of sexual harassment.

There is great danger of a split in the party if a competent leader is not found soon.

We suddenly noticed there was a split in the side of the tent.


From the sound of the word thought it was a split into two personalities.

In the unitary and harmonious female Spirit-Self there will be no such splits.

The split reflects a difference of opinion simmering for months within the Republican Party.

The split was formally approved at an extraordinary congress in Prague on Feb. 23.

The reasons for the split are understandable.

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