Meaning of SPLIT in English

I. ˈsplit, usu -id.+V verb

( split or archaic splitted ; split or archaic splitted ; splitting ; splits )

Etymology: Dutch splitten, from Middle Dutch; akin to Middle Low German splīten to split, slit, Middle High German slīzen, Old Frisian splīta to slit, Old High German spaltan to split — more at spill

transitive verb


a. : to divide or separate from end to end or in a lengthwise direction especially sharply or suddenly or with force by cleaving or forcing apart usually along a grain or a seam or by separating layers

split a board

split leather

split logs for firewood

shock split the wall along a stud

his trousers had been split down one leg

girls come down to split , clean, and pack the fish in barrels — Richard Joseph

how to split clams on rocks — J.H.Wheelock

split open a roll and butter it

split a few sticks of kindling


(1) : to cause (a sail) to tear or rip

a mainsail split by a gale

: have (a sail) torn

split our mainsail in the storm

(2) : to plough (a ridge) so as to cast the earth outward

the ridges were split over the potatoes — Adrian Bell

(3) : to divide (a pillar or post in a coal mine) by one or more roads

(4) : to take (a rope) apart by separating the strands

(5) : to cut (corrugated glass) to a desired width

b. : to affect as if by cleaving or forcing apart

the whole plain … is gashed and torn and mauled and split — Thomas Wood †1950

first bass of the season split the surface — Gertrude Schweitzer

his face split by a huge yawn — John Wain

the river splits the town in two

gorges which split the divide — R.L.Neuberger

cloud was split with a flash of flame — R.H.Davis



(1) : to break up

the wreck of a ship split upon a reef

(2) : to tear or rend apart : burst , rupture

warehouses splitting their sides with plunder — F.G.Slaughter

(3) : to subject (an atom or atomic nucleus) to artificial disintegration especially by fission

b. : to affect as if by breaking up or tearing apart : rend , shatter

a roar that split the air

series of explosives split our ears — J.B.Shaw

: disorder , disintegrate

mind is finally split asunder by her abnormal sexual jealousy — Saturday Review

3. : to divide or separate into distinct parts or portions

splitting the county into twenty-nine … rationing districts — Hal Burton

scouts had been split into small detachments — Georg Meyers

ornithologists have split these again into four more subspecies — Douglas Carruthers

— often used with up

splitting up the main colors into variants — C.W.H.Johnson


a. : to divide between two or more persons : share

split the loot

split up the cost

split the physics prize three ways

split a bottle of wine at dinner

this pernicious practice of splitting fees — Time

a man has a right to split his inheritance — Edward Sapir

split the pot at poker

b. : to divide into opposing factions, parties, or groups

the solid South was split by internal revolt

the issue split the village down the middle

his candidacy split the labor vote

c. : to mark (a ballot) or otherwise cast or register (a vote) so as to vote for candidates of different parties

usually split his ticket in national elections

d. : to divide (an air current) into separate currents (as in mine ventilation)

e. : to separate or break down (a chemical compound) into constituents : effect the cleavage of (as by hydrolysis) : crack I 8

split a fat into glycerol and fatty acids

— sometimes used with up

f. : to remove by such separation — usually used with off or out

split off carbon dioxide

g. : to divide (the stock of a corporation) by issuing a larger number of shares to existing shareholders usually without increase in aggregate par value of capitalization for corporations with par value stock

h. : to win and lose an equal number of (as games or contests)

split a doubleheader

split the first four games

i. : to discard (one pair from a two-pair hand or one card of a pair) in draw poker to increase one's chance of improving the hand in the draw

j. : to bisect (a stamp) especially into more than two pieces

4. : to separate (the parts of a whole) by interposing something

split an infinitive

split the defense in hockey

5. slang : to reveal (as information, secrets) intentionally or unintentionally : betray

6. : to dilute (liquor) by adding water or a nonalcoholic liquid : cut

intransitive verb


a. : to become divided or separated (as by cleaving, tearing) part from part or from end to end or in a lengthwise direction usually along a grain or a seam or by the separating of layers

the board split while he was driving the nail

his coat had split at the seams

fingernails showed a tendency to split

this wood splits easily

sails split in the storm

b. : to break apart or into pieces : break up

ship splits on the rock — Shakespeare

: burst , rupture

the jar split when the water froze

fruit falls to the ground and splits open


(1) : to part or open as if forced or torn apart by splitting

the sky suddenly split open in a flash of lightning

his face split into a wide grin

(2) : to burst with laughter

thought he would split



(1) : to become divided up or separated off (as into parts, groups, parties, factions)

stream splits into numerous channels — G.R.Stewart

— often used with up

splitting up of a language into a number of dialects — Edward Sapir

the group split up into two teams

(2) : to break up into divergent or opposing groups

began to split into left and right wings and then into smaller groupings — William Petersen

court split four and four

criticism, like religion, inevitably splits into sects and schisms — C.I.Glicksberg

split into dissident groups — H.J.Laski

(3) of a suit of cards : to become divided evenly or as nearly so as possible

b. : to sever relations or connections especially because of disagreement : separate

split after six years of marriage

— often used with with

had split with most of his former friends

or with from

caused such a furore by taking in a Negro and splitting from the national body — Cleveland Amory

3. : to go very fast especially at a run

4. slang : to betray confidence : let out a secret : act as an informer

promised not to split

— often used with on

on the point of splitting on the gang — Dorothy Sayers

5. : to split one's vote

6. : to apportion shares

we all split equal and that was that — W.L.Gresham

— often used with with

said he would split with the others

unwilling to split with anyone else

7. : to turn up in a split — used of two cards of the same denomination dealt in faro

Synonyms: see tear

- split hairs

- split one's sides

- split openers

- split straws

- split tacks

- split the difference

II. noun

( -s )

1. : a narrow especially lengthwise break or fissure made by or as if by splitting

a small wedge driven into splits in either end — Peter Heaton

a spectacular flight through the deep split in the Andes — R.U. & Mary Light

: cleft , crack , rent : as


(1) : an acute-angled cut made in glassware with a grinding wheel

(2) : a check in an article made of glass usually extending from surface to surface

b. : a lengthwise separation of wood caused by the tearing apart of the wood cells

c. : an earmark on an animal made by slitting the ear — see earmark illustration

d. : a position of bowling pins left standing with space for one or more intermediate pins between them — compare railroad

2. : a piece of material that is split off or is made thin by splitting

pegged or nailed the splits together to get a big enough piece for the door — W.F.Harris


a. : a splinter or fragment of wood

b. : a dent in the reed of a loom

c. : any of the underlying sections of a skin made by dividing it into two or more thicknesses

d. : any of the three or four strips into which osiers are cut for some kinds of basketwork — usually used in plural

e. : one of two or more narrow fabrics woven as one full-width cloth with selvage strips and then cut apart or split at these strips


a. : a breach or separation in an organized or normally cohesive group (as a political party or sect) or between partners or friends : division ; also : a faction formed by such separation

another split would just about end the party — S.H.Adams

the split in the ranks of the Communist critics — C.I.Glicksberg

exploiting splits in the enemy camp — K.T.Chang

a major split between the United States and most of the rest of the free world — McGeorge Bundy

a rumored split between a famous acting couple

b. : any separation or division into or between especially divergent or antagonistic elements or forces

the split between the integrating and disintegrating tendencies — Lewis Mumford

the fatal split between intellect and emotions — Hans Meyerhoff

moral and religious splits that are found in our very makeup as persons — John Dewey

a very substantial split between the anxious egghead and the … lowbrow — Rosanna Shamray

a split in his personality

4. : the act or process of splitting: as

a. : a feat or the movement of lowering oneself to the floor (as by a dancer) or of leaping into the air (as by a gymnast or a figure skater) with the legs extended one to each side or one forward and one backward at right angles to the trunk

b. : the dealing of two cards of the same denomination in the same turn in faro with the result that the dealer takes half the bets on the card of that denomination

c. : split shot

d. : the act or process of splitting the stock of a corporation

recent stock splits — Investor's Reader

approved a five-for-one split of the common stock — Richard Butter

5. Britain

a. : informer

b. : plainclothesman

6. : a product of division by or as if by splitting: as

a. : any of the air currents in a mine formed by dividing a larger current ; also : the workings ventilated by such a current

b. : a coal seam separated from another seam by a thick parting

c. Britain : a split roll or bun

tea and cider passed around with cakes and splits — A.T.Quiller-Couch


a. : a small bottle (of some drink) containing about half the quantity of the customary smaller commercial bottle used for that drink ; also : a drink of half the usual quantity : half glass

b. : a brick of full length and width but half the usual thickness

c. : a share (as of booty, winnings, profits) claimed or promised

d. : an offset on a bulb (as in the narcissus)


(1) : the manner in which a suit is divided among the players in a card game

(2) : an as nearly as possible even division of cards (as when four are divided 2-2 or five are divided 3-2)

f. : a piece of a bisected stamp

8. : a mixed sweet composed of sliced fruit (as a banana divided lengthwise), ice cream, nuts, and syrups

Synonyms: see breach

III. adjective

1. : cleft , divided , fractured,

split collarbone

split lip

came from a split home

took a split vacation

a badly split people

was split between love and hatred — Carson McCullers

were split on the question of women's rights

executives betray a curiously split feeling — W.H.Whyte

2. : that has been split or split off for use either singly or in combination

fishing rod of split bamboo

split bandage

split hides


a. of a stock : that has been split

split shares

a split issue

b. of an order to buy or sell stock : divided for execution part at one time and price and part at another

c. of a stock quotation : given in sixteenths rather than eighths

d. : divided on the London stock exchange into preferred ordinary stock and deferred ordinary stock

4. of color printing : using or done by means of a roller or ink fountain divided or adjusted to print two or more separate colors simultaneously

split fountain work

split roller method

5. of a network or channel : broken up to handle more than one program simultaneously

6. : heterozygous — used especially by breeders of caged birds sometimes with for

split for both Cinnamon and Opaline — All-Pets Magazine

IV. transitive verb

: leave

split the scene

intransitive verb

: leave

the women split for New York on Tuesday — Linda Francke

V. noun

: the recorded time of an athlete at a specific interval in a race (as of running or swimming)

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