Meaning of SPLIT in English


[split] vb split ; split.ting [D splitten, fr. MD; akin to MHG splizen to split and prob. to OHG spaltan to split] vt (1593) 1 a: to divide lengthwise usu. along a grain or seam or by layers b: to affect as if by cleaving or forcing apart "the river ~s the town in two"

2. a (1): to tear or rend apart: burst (2): to subject (an atom or atomic nucleus) to artificial disintegration by fission b: to affect as if by breaking up or tearing apart: shatter "a roar that ~ the air"

3: to divide into parts or portions: as a: to divide between persons: share b: to divide into factions, parties, or groups c: to mark (a ballot) or cast or register (a vote) so as to vote for candidates of different parties d (1): to divide or break down (a chemical compound) into constituents "~ a fat into glycerol and fatty acids" (2): to remove by such separation "~ off carbon dioxide" e: to divide (stock) by issuing a larger number of shares to existing shareholders usu. without increase in total par value

4: to separate (the parts of a whole) by interposing something "~ an infinitive"

5: leave "~ the party" "~ town" ~ vi 1 a: to become split lengthwise or into layers b: to break apart: burst

2. a: to become divided up or s eparated off "~ into factions" b: to sever relations or connections c: leave; esp: to leave without delay 3 Brit: to betray confidence: act as an informer--usu. used with on

4: to apportion shares syn see tear -- split hairs : to make oversubtle or trivial distinctions -- split one's sides : to laugh heartily

[2]split n (1597) 1 a: a narrow break made by or as if by splitting b: an arrangement of bowling pins left standing with space for pins between them

2: a piece split off or made thin by splitting 3 a: a division into or between divergent or antagonistic elements or forces b: a faction formed in this way

4. a: the act or process of splitting (as the stock of a corporation) b: the act of lowering oneself to the floor or leaping into the air with legs extended at right angles to the trunk

5: a product of division by or as if by splitting

6: a wine bottle holding one quarter the usual amount or about .1875 liters (6 to 6.5 ounces); also: the quantity held by a split 7: an ice cream sundae served over slices of fruit (as banana) 8: the recorded time at or for a specific part of a race [3]split adj (1648) 1: divided, fractured

2: prepared for use by splitting "~ bamboo" "~ hides"

3: heterozygous--used esp. by breeders of cage birds sometimes with for

4: widely spaced

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