Meaning of SPLIT in English

v. 1 Often, split up or apart. divide, separate, cleave, cut or chop apart, cut or chop in two, pull or tear apart, rend, break or snap apart or in two, break up, come apart, rupture, partition, detach, become detached; bisect, dichotomize He split the log with one blow of his axe The ship split apart on the reef. The party may split on the tax issue. 2 Often, split up. divorce, separate, go separate ways, break up, part company After 30 years, the Hitchcocks have decided to split up 3 Often, split up. branch, fork, diverge, separate The road splits to pass round the pond 4 Often, split up. divide (up), apportion, deal out, dole out, distribute, allot, share or parcel out, carve up Why don't we split the dinner bill five ways? 5 burst, crack or break up, fall apart or about, Slang bust I laughed so much I thought I'd split! 6 leave, depart, go, Slang take a (run-out) powder, take it on the lam, beat it, scram, skedaddle: When they heard the sirens of the police cars, they split

n. 7 crack, cleft, fissure, chink, cranny, slit, slot, crevice, groove, furrow, channel, sulcus; gap, hiatus, lacuna, opening, separation, division, chasm; rift, break, rupture, fracture; slash, gash, tear, rip, rent The edges of the tectonic plates mark splits in the earth's crust Pressure caused the splits in these plaster columns. I had to borrow a tablecloth to cover up the split in my trousers. 8 division, dichotomy, schism, breach, rupture, partition, disunion, discord; break, separation Don't you think that the issue will cause a split within the party?

adj. 9 divided, separated; halved, bisected, cleft; cut, broken, fractured The result was a split vote along party lines Their first containers were of split bamboo.

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