Meaning of VOTE in English


Function: verb

Inflected Form: vot · ed ; vot · ing

Date: 1552

intransitive verb

1 : to express one's views in response to a poll especially : to exercise a political franchise

2 : to express an opinion <consumers ⋯ vote with their dollars ― Lucia Mouat>

transitive verb

1 : to choose, endorse, decide the disposition of, defeat, or authorize by vote <he was voted out of office>

2 a : to adjudge by general agreement : DECLARE b : to offer as a suggestion : PROPOSE <I vote we all go home>

3 a : to cause to vote in a given way b : to cause to be cast for or against a proposal

4 : to vote in accordance with or in the interest of < vote your conscience> < voted their pocketbooks>

– vote with one's feet : to express one's disapproval or dissatisfaction by leaving

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