Meaning of VOTE in English

/ vəʊt; NAmE voʊt/ noun , verb

■ noun


[ C ] vote (for / against sb/sth) a formal choice that you make in an election or at a meeting in order to choose sb or decide sth :

There were 21 votes for and 17 against the motion, with 2 abstentions.

The motion was passed by 6 votes to 3.

The chairperson has the casting / deciding vote .

The Green candidate won over 3 000 of the 14 000 votes cast .


[ C ] vote (on sth) an occasion when a group of people vote on sth :

to have / take a vote on an issue

The issue was put to the vote .

The vote was unanimous.

➡ note at election


the vote [ sing. ] the total number of votes in an election :

She obtained 40% of the vote.

The party increased their share of the vote.


the vote [ sing. ] the vote given by a particular group of people, or for a particular party, etc. :

the student vote

the Labour vote


the vote [ sing. ] the right to vote, especially in political elections :

In Britain and the US, people get the vote at 18.

—see also block vote

■ verb


vote (for / against sb/sth) | vote (on sth) to show formally by marking a paper or raising your hand which person you want to win an election, or which plan or idea you support :

[ v , usually + adv. / prep. ]

Did you vote for or against her?

How did you vote at the last election?

We'll listen to the arguments on both sides and then vote on it.

Over 60% of members voted in favour of (= for) the motion.

Only about half of the electorate bothered to vote.

[ vn ]

We voted Democrat in the last election.

[ v to inf ]

Parliament voted to set up an independent inquiry into the matter.


[ vn - n ] [ usually passive ] to choose sb/sth for a position or an award by voting :

He was voted most promising new director.


[ vn - n ] [ usually passive ] to say that sth is good or bad :

The event was voted a great success.


[ vnn ] to agree to give sb/yourself sth by voting :

The directors have just voted themselves a huge pay increase.


[ v ( that )] to suggest sth or support a suggestion that sb has made :

I vote (that) we go out to eat.


- vote with your feet


- vote sb/sth down

- vote sb in | vote sb into / onto sth

- vote sb out | vote sb out of / off sth

- vote sth through



late Middle English : from Latin votum a vow, wish, from vovere to vow. The verb dates from the mid 16th cent.

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