Meaning of VOTE in English

[vote] n [ME (Sc), fr. L votum vow, wish--more at vow] (15c) 1 a: a usu. formal expression of opinion or will in response to a proposed decision; esp: one given as an indication of approval or disapproval of a proposal, motion, or candidate for office b: the total number of such expressions of opinion made known at a single time (as at an election) c: an expression of opinion or preference that resembles a vote d: ballot 1

2: the collective opinion or verdict of a body of persons expressed by voting

3: the right to cast a vote; specif: the right of suffrage: franchise

4. a: the act or process of voting "brought the question to a ~" b: a method of voting

5: a formal expression of a wish, will, or choice voted by a meeting

6. a: voter b: a group of voters with some common and identifying characteristics "the labor ~"

7. chiefly Brit a: a proposition to be voted on; esp: a legislative money item b: appropriation

[2]vote vb vot.ed ; vi (1552) 1: to express one's views in response to a poll; esp: to exercise a political franchise

2: to express an opinion "consumers ... ~ with their dollars --Lucia Mouat" ~ vt 1: to choose, endorse, decide the disposition of, defeat, or authorize by vote

2. a: to adjudge by general agreement: declare b: to offer as a suggestion: propose "I ~ we all go home" 3 a: to cause to vote in a given way b: to cause to be cast for or against a proposal

4: to vote in accordance with or in the interest of "~ your conscience" "voted their pocketbooks"

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