Meaning of AWAY in English


[away] adv (bef. 12c) 1: on the way: along "get ~ early"

2: from this or that place: hence, thence "go ~" 3 a: in a secure place or manner "locked ~" b: in another direction "look ~"

4: out of existence: to an end "echoes dying ~"

5: from one's possession "gave ~ a fortune"

6: steadily onward: uninterruptedly "clocks ticking ~" 7: by a long distance or interval: far "~ back in 1910"

[2]away adj (14c) 1: absent from a place: gone "~ for the weekend"

2: distant in space or time "a lake

10. miles ~" "the season is two months ~"

3: played on an opponent's grounds "home and ~ games"

4. baseball: out "two ~ in the ninth" -- away.ness n

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