Meaning of AWAY in English


/ əˈweɪ; NAmE / adverb

HELP NOTE : For the special uses of away in phrasal verbs, look at the entries for the verbs. For example get away with sth is in the phrasal verb section at get .


away (from sb/sth) to or at a distance from sb/sth in space or time :

The beach is a mile away.

The station is a few minutes' walk away.

Christmas is still months away.


to a different place or in a different direction :

Go away!

Put your toys away.

The bright light made her look away.


away (from sb/sth) not present

SYN absent :

She was away from work for a week.

There were ten children away yesterday.

Sorry, he's away.


used after verbs to say that sth is done continuously or with a lot of energy :

She was still writing away furiously when the bell went.

They were soon chatting away like old friends.


until disappearing completely :

The water boiled away.

The music faded away.

They danced the night away (= all night) .


( sport ) at the opponent's ground or stadium :

Chelsea are playing away this Saturday.

an away match / game

—compare home


- away with ...

—more at cobwebs , dance verb , far adverb , right adverb , straight adverb



Old English onweg , aweg on one's way (from a- to, towards and way ).

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