Meaning of AWAY in English


I. əˈwā adverb

Etymology: Middle English away, on way, from Old English aweg, onweg, from a- (I) , on + weg way — more at way

1. : on the way : onward , along

come away death — Shakespeare

2. : from this or that place : hence , thence

the lone and level sands stretch far away — P.B.Shelley

go away

— sometimes used to indicate motion from a place with no expressed verb of motion or no expressed verb at all

we must away

whither away


a. : from contact or close association : aside

she folded her work and laid it away — H.W.Longfellow

b. : at a little distance : off

he was a good boxer inside as well as away — A.J.Liebling

c. : in another direction ; especially : in the opposite direction

we've turned … hard away in a tight circle to port to get out of this area — Richard Dimbleby

4. : from a condition of being : out of existence : to an end : to nothing

tried to explain away the affair of the letter — H.E.Scudder

a progressive twitching of the muscles with increasing weakness and wasting away — Morris Fishbein

5. : from one's possession or use

it is given away to a friend by the householder — J.G.Frazer


a. : onward in time : uninterruptedly , constantly , on

a distinct compartment in one's mind that works away no matter what is going on — O.W.Holmes †1935

b. : without hesitation or delay : forthwith , immediately

the troops were ordered to fire away

7. : to a considerable degree : by a long distance or interval : far

he is far and away the best player on the team

the trouble began away back in 1910

II. adjective


a. : absent from a place : gone

he is away from home

b. : started on the way : off

he was away at a gallop — Winston Churchill

2. : distant in space or time

a lake 10 miles away

the opening of the season is only a week away

3. chiefly Scotland : gone out of or as if out of existence : dead, mad, or in a faint

she was away in her head — Mary Deasy


a. : played on an opponent's home grounds

league headquarters arranges the schedule of home and away games

b. of a golf ball : lying farthest from the cup and to be played first

c. baseball : out

the home run came with two away in the 9th inning

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