Meaning of BLAST in English


[blast] n [ME, fr. OE blaest; akin to OHG blast blast, blasan to blow, OE blawan--more at blow] (bef. 12c) 1 a: a violent gust of wind b: the effect or accompaniment (as sleet) of such a gust

2: the sound produced by an impulsion of air through a wind instrument or whistle

3: something resembling a gust of wind: as a: a stream of air or gas forced through a hole b: a vehement outburst c: the continuous blowing to which a charge of ore or metal is subjected in a blast furnace

4. a: a sudden pernicious influence or effect "the ~ of a huge epidemic" b: a disease of plants that causes the foliage or flowers to wither

5. a: an explosion or violent detonation b: the violent effect produced in the vicinity of an explosion that consists of a wave of increased atmospheric pressure followed by a wave of decreased atmospheric pressure

6: speed, capacity, operation "go full ~" "in full ~" 7: an enjoyably exciting experience, occasion, or event; esp: party

[2]blast vi (14c) 1: blare "music ~ing from the radio"

2: to make a vigorous attack 3 a: to use an explosive b: shoot

4: to hit a golf ball out of a sand trap with explosive force ~ vt 1 a: to injure by or as if by the action of wind b: blight

2. a: to shatter by or as if by an explosive b: to remove, open, or form by or as if by an explosive c: shoot

3: to attack vigorously

4: to cause to blast off "will ~ themselves from the moon's surface"

5: to hit vigorously and effectively -- n

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