Meaning of BLAST in English


n. 1 blow, gust, wind, gale The door opened and a blast of icy air made us shiver 2 blare, sound, noise, racket, din, bellow, roar; boom At the trumpet-blast thousands of Goths descended screaming on the camp 3 explosion, burst, eruption, discharge; detonation A blast of dynamite levelled all the houses in the vicinity 4 (at or in) full blast. fully, at full tilt, at the maximum, completely, thoroughly, entirely, maximally, Slang with no holds barred, US to the max The factory was going full blast before the strike

v. 5 blow up, explode, dynamite, demolish, destroy, ruin, waste, lay waste, shatter, devastate The pillbox was blasted out of existence by our guns 6 defame, discredit, denounce, criticize, attack; ruin, destroy The candidate has been blasted by the press 7 curse, damn The minister continued to blast the proposal till the legislature dropped it

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