Meaning of POSITION in English


[] n [ME posycion, fr. MF position, fr. L position-, positio, fr. ponere to lay down, put, place, fr. (assumed) OL posinere, fr. po- away (akin to OCS po-, perfective prefix, Gk apo away) + L sinere to leave--more at of] (14c) 1: an act of placing or arranging: as a: the laying down of a proposition or thesis b: an arranging in order

2: a point of view adopted and held to "made my ~ on the issue clear" 3 a: the point or area occupied by a physical object "took her ~ at the head of the line" b: a certain arrangement of bodily parts "rose to a standing ~"

4: a market commitment in securities or commodities; also: the inventory of a market trader

5. a: relative place, situation, or standing "is now in a ~ to make decisions on his own" b: social or official rank or status c: an employment for which one has been hired: job "a ~ with a brokerage firm" d: a situation that confers advantage or preference

[2]position vt ; (1817): to put in proper position; also: locate

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