Meaning of POSITION in English


I. pə-ˈzi-shən noun

Etymology: Middle English posycion, from Anglo-French posicioun, from Latin position-, positio, from ponere to lay down, put, place, from Old Latin * posinere, from po- away (akin to Old Church Slavic po-, perfective prefix, Greek apo away) + Latin sinere to leave — more at of

Date: 14th century

1. : an act of placing or arranging: as

a. : the laying down of a proposition or thesis

b. : an arranging in order

2. : a point of view adopted and held to

made my position on the issue clear


a. : the point or area occupied by a physical object : location

took her position at the head of the line

b. : a certain arrangement of bodily parts

rose to a standing position

4. : a market commitment in securities or commodities ; also : the inventory of a market trader


a. : relative place, situation, or standing

is now in a position to make decisions on his own

b. : social or official rank or status

c. : an employment for which one has been hired : job

a position with a brokerage firm

d. : a situation that confers advantage or preference

II. transitive verb

( po·si·tioned ; po·si·tion·ing pə-ˈzi-sh(ə-)niŋ)

Date: 1817

: to put in a certain position

position ed the chairs around the room

position ed the company in the global market

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