Meaning of REAR in English

n. 1 back (part), end, hind part, Nautical stern, Colloq tail (end), fag-end, US and Canadian tag end The rear of the column was attacked as it marched through the defile We took seats at the rear of the auditorium. 2 hindquarters, posterior, rump, buttocks, Colloq bottom, behind, backside, rear end, Slang Brit arse, bum, US and Canadian ass, tokus, tochis; Babytalk US and Canadian tushie or tushy or tush, hinie As he left, he felt someone give him a pat on the rear

adj. 3 back, last, end, rearmost, Nautical aft, after, stern The rear window is all misted over The troop was bringing up the rear echelon.

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