Meaning of REAR in English

I. noun


a front/rear tyre

I bought a set of new front tyres.

a rear door (= a door at the back of a vehicle )

The kids opened the rear doors and climbed in.

rear admiral

the back/rear wheel

The rear wheels of the bus got stuck in a creek.

the front/back/rear seat (= in a car )

Never leave bags on the back seat of a car.

the front/back/rear/side entrance

There is a long drive with steps leading to the front entrance.

the front/rear/side exit

When the lights dimmed, she slipped out by the rear exit.

the rear window (= the back window, especially of a car )

The car's rear window had been bashed in.

the rear/front brakes (= for the rear/front wheels )

The rear brakes were ineffective.




Tricia kept me up-to-date on the increasing soreness of her rear end .

He wiggled his rear end in emphasis, and we both laughed at his joke.

Both of his big hands were open on her rear end .



Property was stolen from a residence entered by forcing a rear door.

Cash was stolen from a business entered through a rear door.

A residence was entered through a rear door.

Telephones, keys and a vehicle were stolen from a residence entered through a rear door.


front/rear/back wheels


Get up off your rear end!


A small porch at the rear can be used for other small items, although access is only from inside.

That's all, apart from the domestic quarters at the rear .

They glittered like the backs of scarabs caught in torchlight at the rear of a tomb.

We need that certain dunk, that certain kick in the rear , and he definitely gives it to us every game.

II. verb




Suddenly the drive ended in a gravel sweep and the house reared up on the left.

Cut loose from its eyes suddenly, the mind will rear up , spin, retreat.

A rider's horse reared up before her.

Florida rattlers would rear up and bite a man too blind and tired to kick before reaching down.

The Worm turned and reared up at them, and there was something in its sightless head that they knew showed satisfaction.

It is a daunting task in a crowded, segmented marketplace where magazines rear up and expire as quickly as fruit flies.

The beast reared up on its hind legs, screaming with blood showing at its lips and teeth.

I was on a new pony who suddenly reared up and fell back on me.



Furthermore, the conditions under which child rearing occurs frequently makes it difficult for women to really enjoy that experience.

Black psychologists crushed the notion that child rearing was the same, regardless of cultural background.

Most children are reared by their natural parents and most are cared for well.

Equally important, my parent had no one with whom to discuss child rearing or domestic crises.

The child they had reared until some solution could be found.

Polygamy is prevented by wives who resent sharing their husbands lest they also share his contributions to child rearing .

Any partnership requires love, whether it is for child rearing , for economic reasons, or for any other mutual project.

At Hubbard Woods Elementary an even more graphic example of the troubled world our children face reared its ugly head.


A small worm of self-disgust reared its blind head within his belly.

In addition, politics has reared its ugly head , all institutional efforts not withstanding.

At this point another problem reared its head .

It rears its ugly head every time a similar shooting occurs at another school.

It reared high above their heads and made the river market into a town of ants, the meaningless scurryings of insects.

At Hubbard Woods Elementary an even more graphic example of the troubled world our children face reared its ugly head .

The question of remarriage and the provision of an heir to the unstable throne was inevitably rearing its head .

One troublesome objection rears its head whenever we address this situation.


A rider's horse reared up before her.

The roan horse reared once more, pawed at the air, forcing the other men away.

The horse reared , Southgate pitched out of his saddle and was dragged along, one boot still caught in the stirrup.


cattle rearing

She's reared a large family.


Hamsters reared in the laboratory can be made to have female-biased litters by keeping them hungry during adolescence or pregnancy.

If the quail have been reared with siblings, both sexes prefer to mate with first cousins.

Reclamation in 1987 stopped generating power during critical salmon spawning and rearing months.

Reports about the costs of rearing children are more than we can take in.

Riven hung on to his mount's bridle grimly whilst it bucked and reared in a desperate effort to get away.

The Worm turned and reared up at them, and there was something in its sightless head that they knew showed satisfaction.

They all reared and exploded inside her - touch, smell, taste.

Women who dropped out temporarily to rear children found themselves professionally penalized for the rest of their lives.

III. adjective




Replacing a Range Rover's ball joint which joins rear axle to A frame Military or civvy?

I wonder if you could tell me who could supply parts for the output differential to the second rear axle .

If we had to cite a bad point, it would be the hard-to-reach drain plug on the rear axle housing.

I argue that rear axle radius location arm must be out of true.

This increasing castor thus compensates for any inclination of the car on the rear axle .

Third provides direct drive and fourth an overdrive, driving through a new two-piece propshaft to a 3.07:1 rear axle .

Wheelbase is the horizontal distance between front and rear axle centres.


The brakes consisted of two inefficient rear brakes and one transmission front brake, usually full of oil.

He's now heavy on the front brake , while his right foot strokes the rear brake lever.

Do the test again with the rear brake .


Using black trimmings, shape the front and rear bumpers and a rectangle for the radiator.

Old Chao showed them the spare tire, which rode in its own metal case on the rear bumper .

Somebody yelled and threw a can at the cab, hitting it on the rear bumper .

Almost immediately, Sprague tags a braking Rezendes in the rear bumper , nearly sending Rezendes into a 180-degree spin.

MacLane was still hard on our rear bumper .

When the car arrived I noticed a large dent in the rear bumper and immediately lost my temper.

I have unsuccessfully been searching for a set of military rear bumpers .


Silver-topped flasks conveniently placed inside the rear door of the Rolls-Royce.

He knocked twice, then once, on the rear door .

Secluded rear doors are especially vulnerable: they are often forced open with a simple well-aimed kick.

He kept watching out the window of the rear door .

If a would-be burglar was standing outside your front or rear door , how many neighbours could see him?

He sat by the rear door of the hearse with a gun in each hand while Jack bled and bled.

When Ruth and Miss Beard arrived at the rear door of the house, the carriage was already waiting.

He also throws open the rear door , revealing a video screen.


The nearest rear entrance belonged to a home bakery.

From there, a quiet backstreet led to the rear entrance of her apartment block.

I got dressed and went into the barn and looked for the old wooden trunk near the rear entrance .

They did however have the convenience of a rear entrance .

She garaged her car and thought briefly of entering the apartment block by the rear entrance .

Beside it was an alleyway which provided rear entrances to a row of Botanic Avenue shops.


The advancing foot of the walker must make contact with the ground before the rear foot leaves the ground.

As a rule of thumb, always use a rear foot kick after a feint.

Then thrust off your rear foot , driving your open hand across the opponent's leading guard.

The rear foot is used because it has the forward thrust of the body behind it.

The tiger has five in each of its front feet and four in its rear feet.

Jump diagonally forwards with the front leg and pick the rear foot up for a high roundhouse kick.

Jump diagonally back with the rear foot and perform a front foot roundhouse kick.

From the natural stance, the front foot moves a little farther out from the body and into line with the rear foot.


Externally, both front and rear gardens have been landscaped.

There is a pleasant rear garden .

When Beth first came to the house, the rear garden was derelict.

Doors to conservatory and rear garden .

It benefits from a large detached garage and an enclosed 90' rear garden .

Features include mature rear garden in addition to a detached garage approached via a shared driveway.

Each house had its own private rear garden .

The property benefits from two separate reception rooms, stripped doors and woodwork, off road parking and a 90' rear garden .


Try to scoop the outstretched foot with your rear guard hand.

He informed us that our brigade was to be the rear guard of the army, which was in full retreat.

Slide diagonally forwards, catching the opponent's front kick with your rear guard hand.

As feminist symbols, they are in the rear guard .

As before, the rear guard hand must never cross the body's centre-line.

Let your rear guard hand move forwards slightly as you do this.


However, this area is tender, so be gentle. 2 Work upwards when brushing the rear legs .

This is done as he lifts his rear leg to kick the attacker.

Repeat the exercise but kick with the front or rear leg as soon as the stance switches.

The two pairs of rear legs end in bristles.

Front and rear legs are thrown neither in nor out, as the imprint of hind feet should touch that of forefeet.

You can easily see the effect by placing a telephone book under each of the rear legs of a ordinary kitchen chair.

From a forward fighting stance, the student swings his rear leg forward and upward until the knee comes to shoulder height.

The rear leg bends at the knee, supporting all the body weight.


In his rear mirror he watched his father struggle with the doors and manhandle the basket on to the ground.

He could see her in his rear mirror , standing on the pavement looking wistfully after him.

But all the time he found his eyes fixed to the rear mirror , looking for a sign of pursuit.


The two forward seats distorted, but remained attached to the floor rails, and the rear seats were undamaged.

Aide Julie Hart noted that most safety experts have said children usually are safer in the rear seat in a crash.

He climbed into the rear seat of the ford.

He rode with Kirilenko in the rear seat of a black Volga.

Impossible to see who the passenger in the rear seat was.

Both are welcome, but the rear seat still is no place for an adult on a long trip.

Within seconds Harry was sitting in the rear seat , searching for his next words.

He saw that in the long rear seat he had cornered some one.


The team chose a wet front and an intermediate rear tyre .

By forcing down on the upper, outside footrest the rider obtains exceptional feel for rear tyre grip.

At the moment, a wider rear tyre is the main clue to the bike's extra power.

Fork truck rear tyre soft. 25.

Suddenly I had a lot more feel for what the rear tyre was doing, or not doing for that matter.

Guessing what the dispute was over, Fenn swung in towards the vehicle's rear tyre and stopped.

An hour later a rear tyre blew.


The motor drives the car's single rear wheel by means of a chain.

Turn your front wheels in the direction of the skid, the direction in which the rear wheels are sliding.

I think it was Zonta and I hit him on the rear wheel .

Most often this occurs when you are braking a front-drive car and the rear wheels lock up.

And use the extra money to get those rear wheels working for a living.

Both are still on show in Niagara, complete with the rear wheels .

Roll angles and braking forces also cause a controlled toe-in of the rear wheels for improved stability.

After further processing, hydrogen is delivered to a stack of fuel cells energizing electric motors that drive the rear wheels .


Minutes later the owner returned and found the rear window of the car smashed and the case stolen.

He dives in and helps two children out the open rear window of the car.

An old Ford, with straight back and matchbox rear window , laboured up the avenue.

A bullet went crashing through the rear window , shattering the glass behind me.

From here you are looking into the rear windows of Whitehall.

On the way home, she kept looking over her shoulder through the rear window to their cargo.

However, £200 damage was caused to a rear window .

The children would gather in a noisy clump at the rear window to shout encouragement and offer coaching tips to their pursuer.


Go around back and knock at the rear entrance.


A bullet went crashing through the rear window, shattering the glass behind me.

A police spokesman said the stolen car was in poor condition with a broken rear passenger window.

He sat by the rear door of the hearse with a gun in each hand while Jack bled and bled.

Headroom abounds; rear legroom is good.

Silver-topped flasks conveniently placed inside the rear door of the Rolls-Royce.

The rear foot is used because it has the forward thrust of the body behind it.

The captain and rear admiral, viewing the aircraft-launching operations from the island, are blinded by the flash.

Then he opened the rear door and painfully eased himself out to stand, swaying, alongside the car.

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