Meaning of REAR in English

rear 1

/rear/ , n.

1. the back of something, as distinguished from the front: The porch is at the rear of the house.

2. the space or position behind something: The bus driver asked the passengers to move to the rear.

3. the buttocks; rump.

4. the hindmost portion of an army, fleet, etc.

5. bring up the rear , to be at the end; follow behind: The army retreated, and the fleeing civilian population brought up the rear.


6. pertaining to or situated at the rear of something: the rear door of a bus.

[ 1590-1600; aph. var. of ARREAR ]

Syn. 6. See back 1 .

rear 2

/rear/ , v.t.

1. to take care of and support up to maturity: to rear a child.

2. to breed and raise (livestock).

3. to raise by building; erect.

4. to raise to an upright position: to rear a ladder.

5. to lift or hold up; elevate; raise.


6. to rise on the hind legs, as a horse or other animal.

7. (of a person) to start up in angry excitement, hot resentment, or the like (usually fol. by up ).

8. to rise high or tower aloft: The skyscraper rears high over the neighboring buildings.

[ bef. 900; ME reren, OE raeran to RAISE; c. Goth -raisjan, ON reisa ]

Syn. 1. nurture, raise. 3. construct. 5. loft.

Usage. 1. See raise .

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