Meaning of SLIP in English


v. 1 slide, skid, glide, slither Waxing the runners helps the sleigh slip along more easily 2 stumble, lose one's footing or balance, miss one's footing, trip; fall, tumble Mother slipped on the ice but luckily didn't fall down 3 Often, slip up. err, blunder, make a mistake, miscalculate, go wrong, botch (up), Slang screw up He slipped up again by failing to give you your telephone messages 4 let slip. reveal, divulge, blurt out, leak, let out, disclose, expose, Colloq come out with, blab He accidentally let slip the news that you were back in town 5 slip away or by. pass, elapse, vanish, go by The hours just slipped away when I was with Irena 6 slip away or off or out. escape, disappear, leave, vanish, steal, go or run away or off or out, break away, get away, give (someone) the slip; sneak away or off or out After the speech, he slipped away before we could interview him 7 slip in. enter, get in, sneak in; put in A field mouse slipped in past the wire netting I managed to slip in my suggestion before the meeting was adjourned.

n. 8 blunder, error, mistake, fault, oversight, slip of the tongue or pen, inadvertence, indiscretion, impropriety, transgression, peccadillo, faux pas, Colloq slip-up, Chiefly US blooper, Slang Brit boob, bloomer She made so many slips in the letter that she had to retype it

Oxford thesaurus English vocab.      Английский словарь Оксфорд тезаурус.