Meaning of SHADOW in English

n. & v.


1. shade or a patch of shade.

2 a dark figure projected by a body intercepting rays of light, often regarded as an appendage.

3 an inseparable attendant or companion.

4 a person secretly following another.

5 the slightest trace (not the shadow of a doubt).

6 a weak or insubstantial remnant or thing (a shadow of his former self).

7 (attrib.) Brit. denoting members of a political party in opposition holding responsibilities parallel to those of the government (shadow Home Secretary; shadow cabinet).

8 the shaded part of a picture.

9 a substance used to colour the eyelids.

10 gloom or sadness.

1. cast a shadow over.

2 secretly follow and watch the movements of.

Phrases and idioms:

shadow-boxing boxing against an imaginary opponent as a form of training.


shadower n. shadowless adj.

Etymology: repr. OE scead(u)we, oblique case of sceadu SHADE

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