Meaning of NEW in English


[c mediumvioletred] (as used in expressions)

Yeniçeri New Troop

New Goa

New England Renaissance

New Art

New York Zoological Park

New Negro Movement

New Stone Age

New Objectivity

New Zürich Newspaper

New Age movement

New Britain

New Brunswick

New Brunswick University of

New Caledonia

New Church

New Comedy

New Criticism

New Deal

New Delhi

New Democratic Party

New Economic Policy

New England

New England Confederation

United Colonies of New England

New England Mountains

New France

New Granada Viceroyalty of

New Guinea

New Hampshire

New Haven

New Ireland

New Jersey

New Mexico

New Model Army

New Nationalism

New Orleans

New Orleans Battle of

New Realism

new religious movement

New Republic The

New River

New School University

New School for Social Research

New Siberian Islands

New South Wales

New Spain Viceroyalty of

New Sweden

New Testament

New Thought

new town

New Wave

New World monkey

New Year's Day

New York Central Railroad

New York City

New York City Ballet

New York Daily News

New York Public Library

New York school

New York Stock Exchange

New York Times The

New York State University of

New Yorker The

New York

New Zealand

Papua New Guinea

{{link=Independent State of Papua New Guinea">Independent State of Papua New Guinea

New Scotland Yard

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