Meaning of NEW in English


adj. 1 novel, original, unique, unusual, different, fresh, creative, imaginative, brand-new Ruth has a new idea for the sales campaign 2 latest, late, modern, contemporary, modish, stylish, fashionable, chic, recent, advanced, up to date, brand-new, late-model, Colloq trendy, Slang mod, hip MacGregor buys a new car every year it has to be equipped with the newest gadgets 3 fresh, further, additional, supplemental, supplementary Has the new issue of Verbatim come out yet? 4 unfamiliar, unknown, strange, different; unique, unheard of I hear there's a new girl in your office I want to introduce my new friend, Dan Hammond. Every year they discover a new virus. 5 revitalized, reborn, renewed, rejuvenated, changed, altered, redone, restored, redesigned, remodelled I saw before me a new Marie They published a new version of the Bible. 6 inexperienced, green, fresh, callow, unfledged, budding, immature, unripe, untrained Let us look over the new recruits, Sergeant 7 late, young, recent We found newer fossils at higher levels 8 uncharted, unexplored, untrodden, unknown, experimental Astronomers are breaking new ground in the analysis of pulsars

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