Meaning of NEW in English


adj. & adv.


1. a of recent origin or arrival. b made, invented, discovered, acquired, or experienced recently or now for the first time (a new star; has many new ideas).

2 in original condition; not worn or used.

3 a renewed or reformed (a new life; the new order). b reinvigorated (felt like a new person).

4 different from a recent previous one (has a new job).

5 in addition to others already existing (have you been to the new supermarket?).

6 (often foll. by to) unfamiliar or strange (a new sensation; the idea was new to me).

7 (often foll. by at) (of a person) inexperienced, unaccustomed (to doing something) (am new at this business).

8 (usu. prec. by the) often derog. a later, modern. b newfangled. c given to new or modern ideas (the new man). d recently affected by social change (the new rich).

9 (often prec. by the) advanced in method or theory (the new formula).

10 (in place-names) discovered or founded later than and named after (New York; New Zealand).

--adv. (usu. in comb.)

1. newly, recently (new-found; new-baked).

2 anew, afresh.

Phrases and idioms:

new birth Theol. spiritual regeneration. new broom see BROOM. new deal new arrangements or conditions, esp. when better than the earlier ones. new-laid (of an egg) freshly laid. new look a new or revised appearance or presentation, esp. of something familiar. the new mathematics (or maths) a system of teaching mathematics to children, with emphasis on investigation by them and on set theory. new moon

1. the moon when first seen as a crescent after conjunction with the sun.

2 the time of its appearance. a new one (often foll. by on) colloq. an account or idea not previously encountered (by a person). new potatoes the earliest potatoes of a new crop. new star a nova. new style dating reckoned by the Gregorian Calendar. New Testament the part of the Bible concerned with the life and teachings of Christ and his earliest followers. new town Brit. a town established as a completely new settlement with government sponsorship.

new wave


2 a style of rock music popular in the 1970s. New World North and South America regarded collectively in relation to Europe.

new year

1. the calendar year just begun or about to begin.

2 the first few days of a year.

New Year's Day

1. January. New Year's Eve 31 December.


newish adj. newness n.

Etymology: OE niwe f. Gmc

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