Meaning of SYSTEM in English

[c mediumvioletred] (as used in expressions)

Small Computer System Interface

ABO blood group system

actor manager system

American System of manufacture

Apgar Score System

autonomic nervous system

AWACS Airborne Warning and Control System

Banner system

bicameral system

bulletin board system

Canton system

cardiovascular system

Chinese examination system

Chinese writing system

Continental System

control system

cooling system

coordinate system

Copernican system

Cultivation System

Culture System

database management system

Dewey Decimal System

domestic system

putting out system

economic system

electoral system

endocrine system

equal field system

expert system

Federal Reserve System

formal system

geographic information system

Global Positioning System

East African Rift System

ignition system

immune system

inertial guidance system

jagirdar system

Japanese writing system

lymphatic system

mechanical system

metric system

microelectromechanical system

Missile Defense Alarm System Midas

nervous system

number system

operating system

party system

plurality system

post and beam system

postal system

reproductive system human

respiratory system

Rh blood group system

sewage system

solar system

Space Transportation System STS

spherical coordinate system

spoils system

patronage system

structural system

studio system

system of equations

urinary system

renal system

water supply system

weapons system

well field system

International System of Units

SI system

reticuloendothelial system

{{link=mononuclear phagocyte system">mononuclear phagocyte system

macrophage system

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