Meaning of SYSTEM in English

(METHOD) [noun] [C] - a way of doing things; a methodWe'll have to work out a proper filing system.Under our education system, you're supposed to be able to choose the type of schooling that your child receives.The legal system operates very differently in the US and Britain.Like a lot of companies, they have a system whereby people are generally promoted from within.When we were students, we had a system in which the person who finished the milk had to buy the next carton.A system is also a particular method of counting, measuring or weighing things.the binary system of countingthe metric system of measuring and weighing(approving) System can also be used to mean the intentional and organized use of a system.There doesn't seem to be any system to the books on these shelves - they're certainly not in alphabetical order.(disapproving) The system can also refer to the unfair laws and rules that prevent people from being able to improve their situation.I'd do a second job, but the amount I'd be taxed on it wouldn't make it worth my while - that's the system for you, isn't it!He has his own ways of beating the system, making sure that he has good relationships with influential people.A systems analyst is a person who examines complicated industrial and business operations in order to find ways of improving them, esp. by the introduction of computer programs and equipment.

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