Meaning of SYSTEM in English

/ ˈsɪstəm; NAmE / noun


[ C ] system (of / for sth) an organized set of ideas or theories or a particular way of doing sth :

the British educational system

a new system for assessing personal tax bills

a system of government

—see also binary , metric system


[ C ] a group of things, pieces of equipment, etc. that are connected or work together :

a transport system

heating systems

a stereo system

a security system

—see also ecosystem , expert system , operating system , public address system , solar system


[ C ] a human or an animal body, or a part of it, when it is being thought of as the organs and processes that make it function :

You have to wait until the drugs have passed out of your system.

the male reproductive system

—see also central nervous system , digestive system , immune system


the system [ sing. ] ( informal , usually disapproving ) the rules or people that control a country or an organization, especially when they seem to be unfair because you cannot change them :

You can't beat the system (= you must accept it) .

young people rebelling against the system


- get sth out of your system



early 17th cent.: from French système or late Latin systema , from Greek sustēma , from sun- with + histanai set up.

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