Meaning of COOK in English


I . Beryl Cook

(1926– )

an English artist who paints humorous pictures of ordinary British people doing everyday things. In 2004 a cartoon series of her characters called Bosom Pals was shown on BBC television:

She sent me a Beryl Cook postcard of two fat ladies hanging out their washing.

II . Captain Cook

( James Cook 1728–79)

an English sailor and explorer who made three journeys by sea to the Pacific Ocean. He was the first European to arrive on the east coast of Australia. He drew maps of the coasts of Australia, New Zealand and New Guinea. He was also the first European to arrive at Hawaii , where he was killed in a fight with the local people.

III . Peter Cook


an English comedy actor and writer who first became famous in the stage show Beyond the Fringe in the 1960s. He is best remembered for his performances with Dudley Moore as Dud and Pete, two ridiculous men who think that they are being philosophical, but are talking nonsense. He helped to start the magazine Private Eye , and remained one of its main owners until his death. A collection of his comic work called Tragically, I was an Only Twin was published in 2002.

IV . Robin Cook

(1946– )

a British Labour politician. He became a Member of Parliament in 1983 and held several important positions in the Labour Shadow Cabinet before becoming Foreign Secretary (1997–2001). He became Leader of the House of Commons but resigned as a protest against the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

V . Thomas Cook


an English travel agent who set up the world’s first package tours (= holidays for which hotels, meals, etc. are organized in advance) after hiring a train to take people to a meeting of the temperance movement . Thomas Cook is now one of the world’s largest travel companies:

They had a little of the local currency and a few Thomas Cook traveller’s cheques.

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