Meaning of COOK in English


[cook] n [ME, fr. OE coc, fr. L coquus, fr. coquere to cook; akin to OE afigen fried, Gk pessein to cook] (bef. 12c) 1: a person who prepares food for eating

2: a technical or industrial process comparable to cooking food; also: a substance so processed

[2]cook vi (14c) 1: to prepare food for eating by means of heat

2: to undergo the action of being cooked "the rice is ~ing now"

3: occur, happen "find out what was ~ing in the committee"

4: to perform, do, or proceed well "the jazz quartet was ~ing along" "the party ~ed right through the night" ~ vt 1: concoct, fabricate--usu. used with up "~ed up a scheme"

2: to prepare for eating by a heating process

3: falsify, doctor "~ed the books with phony spending cuts and accounting gimmickry --Colleen O'Connor"

4: to subject to the action of heat or fire -- adj -- cook one's goose : to ruin one irretrievably

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