Meaning of COOK in English


v. & n.


1. tr. prepare (food) by heating it.

2 intr. (of food) undergo cooking.

3 tr. colloq. falsify (accounts etc.); alter to produce a desired result.

4 tr. sl. ruin, spoil.

5 tr. (esp. as cooked adj.) Brit. sl. fatigue, exhaust.

6 tr. & intr. US colloq. do or proceed successfully.

7 intr. (as be cooking) colloq. be happening or about to happen (went to find out what was cooking).

--n. a person who cooks, esp. professionally or in a specified way (a good cook).

Phrases and idioms:


1. the process of cooking and refrigerating food ready for reheating at a later time.

2 (attrib.) (of food) prepared in this way. cook a person's goose ruin a person's chances. cook up colloq. invent or concoct (a story, excuse, etc.).


cookable adj. & n.

Etymology: OE coc f. pop.L cocus for L coquus

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