Meaning of ABOVE in English


[adverb] [not gradable], preposition - higher than or more than (something)The stars above (us) seemed cold and distant.The helicopter was hovering above the building.There's a mirror above the washbasin.He waved the letter excitedly above his head.Soft piano music floated down from above.She's rented a room above a baker's shop.Her name comes above mine on the list.She was in the year above me at school.In some countries, temperatures rarely rise above zero in winter.Our rates of pay are above average.The class is for children above the age of six. The boots fasten above (= just over) the knee.We could hardly hear each other speak above the music (= because the music was so loud).In the end of term exams, Sophie came out above (= was more successful than) everyone else in the class.A colonel is above (= has a higher rank than) a major in the British army.He thinks he's above (= better than or of a higher social class than) everyone else.She's been getting above herself (= behaving as if she were more important than she really is) recently. (esp. UK humorous or dated) You're getting ideas above your station (= you think that you are more important or of a higher social class than you really are)!He considers himself above travelling (= too important to travel) with us.We've had orders from above (= people in a more important position, or, less commonly, God).Above can be used to mean more than.She values her job above her family.They value their freedom above (and beyond) all else.Above all (= Most importantly), don't forget to write.The officer was praised for showing courage above and beyond the call of duty (= more than would usually be expected from someone in that job).To be above something can be to be too good or honest for it.She's above suspicion/criticism/reproach. He's not above lying to protect himself.When used in a piece of writing, above can mean higher on the page, or on a previous page.Please send the articles to the address given above.If something is above you/your head, you do not understand it.What he said was quite above me.(formal) The above-mentioned things or people in a document or book are those that are referred to earlier.Compare undermentioned.

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