Meaning of ABOVE in English

prep., adv., adj., & n.

prep. 1 over; on the top of; higher (vertically, up a slope or stream etc.) than; over the surface of (head above water; above the din). 2 more than (above twenty people; above average). 3 higher in rank, position, importance, etc., than (above all). 4 a too great or good for (above one's station; is not above cheating at cards). b beyond the reach of; not affected by (above my understanding; above suspicion). 5 archaic to an earlier time than (not traced above the third century).

adv. 1 at or to a higher point; overhead (the floor above; the clouds above). 2 a upstairs (lives above). b upstream. 3 (of a text reference) further back on a page or in a book (as noted above). 4 on the upper side (looks similar above and below). 5 in addition (over and above). 6 rhet. in heaven (Lord above!).

adj. mentioned earlier; preceding (the above argument).

n. (prec. by the) what is mentioned above (the above shows). above-board adj. & adv. without concealment; fair or fairly; open or openly. above ground alive. above one's head see HEAD. above oneself conceited, arrogant.

[ A(2) + OE bufan f. be = BY + ufan above ]

Concise Oxford English dictionary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка.