Meaning of ABOVE in English


I. adverb


Above all else (= more than any other things )

Above all else she was seeking love.

above board

His plans for opening a coffee shop are completely above board.

above expectations (= higher, better, or more successful than expected )

Economic growth last month was above expectations.

above/below deck

Peter stayed below deck.

above/below normal

Car sales are still below normal for the time of year.

above/below the norm

28% of children tested below the norm.

barely/hardly/scarcely above a whisper (= only a little louder than a whisper )

'Not me', he said, in a voice barely above a whisper.

be above/beyond suspicion (= be so honest that you are never thought to have done something wrong )

He regarded his friend Henry as being above suspicion.

ideas above her station (= higher than her social rank )

Karen was definitely getting ideas above her station .

see above/below

The results are shown in Table 7a (see below).

well above

The school’s performance was well above average.




Again, both groups are above average in logical thinking, preferring to make decisions based on facts.

An analyst at Merrill Lynch &038; Co. lowered the managed-care provider to hold from above average on an intermediate-term basis.

The figures for black youngsters excluded indefinitely and for a fixed period were also above average .

Pay above average within the industry and geographic area 2.

He was a slight man, a little above average height, but by no means a. prime physical specimen.

Similarly, most middle managers are average or above average in intelligence.


above/below freezing

Temperatures remained below freezing during the afternoon.

And when the temperature goes much below freezing , the EV1 barely goes at all.

It roots out vines, truffles for lemon trees painfully heated by charcoal to three degrees above freezing .

It should show frost when outside temperatures are below freezing .

Temperatures had, for several days, been near 00F at night, and it was well below freezing now.

Thanks to the warming influence of the Gulf Stream, the climate is also mild, temperatures rarely dropping much below freezing .

The snow may crust at night, due to outward radiation, even thought the air temperature remains well above freezing point.

When she complained to a doctor that it was down below freezing she could not have been nearer the mark.

Yet it was not really cold here; the temperature was well above freezing point.

above/beyond reproach

Vernon's work in the community has been beyond reproach .

But Jones' track record had always been above reproach .

He had a steely streak but his morals and scruples were beyond reproach .

He talked of her as a goddess beyond reproach who was being restrained against her will.

His boxing skills are beyond reproach .

Like Eleanor Roosevelt, Hillary Clinton is a strong individual whose public decorum is usually above reproach .

Noah himself is beyond reproach , it is true.

The Alumni Club typically enjoys a reputation beyond reproach .

The motives were above reproach since a large sum was raised for deserving charities every year.

be a cut above sb/sth

The lasagna at Bella Mia is a cut above other restaurants' versions.

All were a cut above the Polynesian houses.

Apparently this feller was a cut above the average.

Cutting edge: A small Stockton hair salon is proving it is a cut above the rest in competitions.

Morton was a cut above the average nob, that was for sure.

She had quickly realized that he was a cut above the other men at the table.

be above the law

A young man died, and nobody is above the law .

But Democrats applauded, generally taking the pious view that the White House can never be above the law .

County Administrator Wang thought he was above the law .

Judges declare Jockey Club is above the law .

One of the negative reminders of Watergate is that the highest officials of government often are above the law .

The great judge Lord Denning in a historic judgment once said that no one, however mighty, was above the law .

be perched on/above etc sth

By the end of the show, the contestants are perched on piles of pillows of varying heights.

He was perched on top of a huge cage, looking at the visitors.

He went straight into the bedroom, to the wall where the painted Asiatic doll was perched on the sideboard.

It was perched on a small promontory to the east of the town, overlooking the bay.

Rows of large silent birds are perched on the mountain ledges - vultures.

Steph and Joe are perched on their seats, leaning forward, alternately yelling plays and screaming at the officials.

The old medieval part is perched on a hilltop, the modern quarters, below.

Their house was perched on the brink of a canyon.

be/stand head and shoulders above sb

But the surgery has given him confidence to stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Jackson stood head and shoulders above his confreres, and...

The fourth, who stood head and shoulders above them, was older.

Though short, he stands head and shoulders above most.

keep your head above water

Although I've been out of a job for three months, I've managed to keep my head above water.

I'm just a pensioner, trying to keep my head above water.

I work full time, but we're still just keeping our heads above water.

If I get this raise, we'll just about keep our heads above water until next year.

Schools throughout the county are struggling to keep their heads above water.

But that will provide small comfort to poor people struggling now to keep their heads above water.

Coun Bergg, we are happy to report, is alive and well and keeping his head above water.

In reality, Diana was struggling to keep her head above water, let alone undertake a radical management restructuring programme.

It became increasingly difficult to keep his head above water.

Pensioners already fighting to keep their heads above water are being asked to pay extra council tax to fund the refugee crisis.

The wind and waves pushed me along as I struggled to keep my head above water.

We all do, really, and we're keeping our heads above water most beautifully.

over and above

The city has spent $2 million over and above budgeted funds for the new stadium.

A second response has been the setting of separate targets for each field, over and above those for home students.

By 1910 the inhabitants of Britain consumed a million tons of meat over and above home produce.

Each year, industry spends at least £125 million on charitable activities over and above straight forward donations.

In every site I visited, these funds were over and above the schools' routine costs of doing business.

Proposals over and above the levels so indicated constitute new policy proposals.

Rewards are offered to all participants on an equal basis and these rewards are over and above the normal sales compensation.

The unpaid volunteers will not wear uniforms and will not have any special powers over and above those of ordinary citizens.

We deserve to be punished because we considered ourselves over and above the deceased.

punch above your weight

put/stick your head above the parapet


Big-screen TVs are defined as 27 inches or above .

Christine Liddell, above , talks to Santa.

None of the organizations mentioned above answered our inquiries.

officers of the rank of Major and above

See the rates listed above .

students of above -average ability

The cereal goes in the cabinet above .

II. adjective


City offices in the above counties will be closed Wednesday.

The above diagram shows a diesel car engine.

Write to the above address for more information.


Applicants for certificates must notify the Society if any of the above cases apply.

Groscost has answers for all of the above .

On receipt of the above recommendations, a special committee of the National Leprosy Fund was appointed to review the report.

President Clinton does not support any of the above amendments.

The above woman's reference number is 105375.

To gain the award candidates must choose any one of the above sectors and also complete their 3 Business Administration units.

What is clear is that, in the above passage, he is not making the objection against himself.

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