Meaning of ABOVE in English



1. in a higher position than something




above someone in a company/organization etc : ↑ POSITION/RANK (3)

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↑ UP


1. in a higher position than something

▷ above /əˈbʌv/ [preposition/adverb]

▪ There was a light above the table.

▪ Above his bed is a picture of two old men sitting on a park bench.

▪ During my last year of college, I lived in a little apartment above a grocery store.

directly above

▪ We looked up and saw a helicopter hovering directly above us.

the floor/apartment above

above where you are

▪ We could hear noises in the room above.

from above

seen from above

▪ The light came from above them and to their right.

above sea level

used when describing how high a place is

▪ Mexico City is 2400 metres above sea level.

▷ over /ˈəʊvəʳ/ [preposition/adverb]

directly above something or moving in the air above it :

▪ The sign over the door said ‘Employees Only’.

▪ A thick layer of smoke hung over the city.

▪ About 400 fans jumped over barricades and invaded the playing field.

▪ As the planes flew over, Selim could see the Russian markings on their wings.

▪ Riot police fired over the heads of the demonstrators.

▷ overhead /ˌəʊvəʳˈhed/ [adverb]

in the sky directly above your head :

▪ A flock of birds passed overhead.

▪ Suddenly, they heard the rumble of thunder overhead.

overhead /ˈəʊvəʳhed/ [adjective only before noun]

▪ Please put your luggage in the overhead compartment.

▷ up /ʌp/ [adverb]

up in/on/there etc

in a higher position than where you are :

▪ I found some old pictures of my mother up in the attic.

▪ Are you able to see up there or do you need a flashlight?

▷ upstairs /ˌʌpˈsteəʳz◂/ [adverb]

on a higher floor of a building, above where you are :

▪ The bathroom is upstairs on your left.

▪ Don’t you think the woman upstairs is kind of strange?

upstairs [adjective only before noun]

▪ The thieves got in through an upstairs window.

▷ overhang /ˌəʊvəʳˈhæŋ/ [intransitive/transitive verb]

if something such as a tree or a rock overhangs something, it sticks out over it :

▪ The bird was sitting on a branch overhanging the water.

▪ An ancient vine overhangs the terrace.

overhanging /ˈəʊvəʳhæŋɪŋ/ [adjective]

▪ Julian waited under an overhanging rock until the rain stopped.

▪ We rowed down the river beneath overhanging branches.

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