Meaning of ABOVE in English

I. a ‧ bove 1 S2 W1 /əˈbʌv/ BrE AmE adverb , preposition

1 . in a higher position than something else SYN over OPP below :

Our office is above the hairdresser’s.

He had a bruise just above his left eye.

I heard a strange noise coming from the room above.

The great bird hovered high above our heads.

2 . more than a particular number, amount, or level OPP below :

50 metres above sea level

above freezing/zero (=higher than the temperature at which water freezes)

Tonight, temperatures should be just above freezing.

and/or above

free medical care for pensioners aged 65 and above

Prize winners must have gained marks of 80% or above.

The salaries we offer are well above (=much higher than) average.

3 . to a greater degree than something else:

Many employers value personality above experience or qualifications.

above all (else) (=used to say that something is more important than anything else)

Max is hard-working, cheerful, and above all honest.

medals awarded for bravery above and beyond the call of duty (=greater than it is your duty to show)

4 . louder or clearer than other sounds:

You can always hear her voice above everybody else’s.

5 . higher in rank, power, or importance OPP below :

He never rose above the rank of corporal.

and/or above

officers of the rank of Major and above

from above (=from people in higher authority)

We just obey orders from above.

6 . formal before, in the same piece of writing OPP below :

As mentioned above, there is a service charge.

Write to the address above for further information.

7 . not be above (doing) something to not be too good or honest to do something:

Eileen’s not above flirting with the boss when it suits her.

8 . be above suspicion/reproach/criticism etc to be so good that no one can doubt or criticize you:

Even the king’s closest advisers were not above suspicion.

9 . get above yourself to think you are better or more important than you really are

⇨ over and above at ↑ over 1 (14), ⇨ be above the law at ↑ law (13)

II. above 2 W3 BrE AmE adjective

a) [only before noun] used in a piece of writing to refer to something mentioned in an earlier part of the same piece of writing:

For the above reasons, the management has no choice but to close the factory.

b) the above formal something mentioned before in the same piece of writing:

If none of the above applies to you, you may be able to reclaim tax.

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