Meaning of HOLE in English

transcription, транскрипция: [ hoʊl ]

( holes, holing, holed)

Frequency: The word is one of the 1500 most common words in English.


A hole is a hollow space in something solid, with an opening on one side.

He took a shovel, dug a hole, and buried his once-prized possessions...

...a 60ft hole.



A hole is an opening in something that goes right through it.

These tiresome creatures eat holes in the leaves...

...kids with holes in the knees of their jeans.

N-COUNT : oft N in n


A hole is the home or hiding place of a mouse, rabbit, or other small animal.

...a rabbit hole.



A hole in a law, theory, or argument is a fault or weakness that it has.

There were some holes in that theory, some unanswered questions.

N-COUNT : oft N in n


A hole is also one of the nine or eighteen sections of a golf course.

I played nine holes with Gary Player today.



A hole is one of the places on a golf course that the ball must drop into, usually marked by a flag.



If you say that you need something or someone like a hole in the head , you are emphasizing that you do not want them and that they would only add to the problems that you already have. ( INFORMAL )

We need more folk heroes like we need a hole in the head.

PHRASE : V inflects [ emphasis ]


If you say that you are in a hole , you mean that you are in a difficult or embarrassing situation. ( INFORMAL )

He admitted that the government was in ‘a dreadful hole’.

PHRASE : v-link PHR


If you get a hole in one in golf, you get the golf ball into the hole with a single stroke.

PHRASE : usu v PHR


If you pick holes in an argument or theory, you find weak points in it so that it is no longer valid. ( INFORMAL )

He then goes on to pick holes in the article before reaching his conclusion.

PHRASE : V inflects

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