Meaning of HOLE in English

n. & v.


1. a an empty space in a solid body. b an aperture in or through something.

2 an animal's burrow.

3 a cavity or receptacle for a ball in various sports or games.

4 colloq. a small, mean, or dingy abode.

5 colloq. an awkward situation.

6 Golf a a point scored by a player who gets the ball from tee to hole with the fewest strokes. b the terrain or distance from tee to hole.

7 a position from which an electron is absent, esp. acting as a mobile positive particle in a semiconductor.


1. make a hole or holes in.

2 pierce the side of (a ship).

3 put into a hole.

4 (also absol.; often foll. by out) send (a golf ball) into a hole.

Phrases and idioms:

hole-and-corner secret; underhand. hole in the heart a congenital defect in the heart septum. hole in one Golf a shot that enters the hole from the tee. hole in the wall a small dingy place (esp. of business). hole-proof (of materials etc.) treated so as to be resistant to wear. hole up US colloq. hide oneself. in holes worn so much that holes have formed. make a hole in use a large amount of. a round (or square) peg in a square (or round) hole see PEG.


holey adj.

Etymology: OE hol, holian (as HOLD(2))

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