Meaning of TAP in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ tæp ]

( taps, tapping, tapped)

Frequency: The word is one of the 3000 most common words in English.


A tap is a device that controls the flow of a liquid or gas from a pipe or container, for example on a sink. ( mainly BRIT; in AM, use faucet )

She turned on the taps.

...a cold-water tap...



If you tap something, you hit it with a quick light blow or a series of quick light blows.

He tapped the table to still the shouts of protest...

Grace tapped on the bedroom door and went in...

VERB : V n , V adv / prep

Tap is also a noun.

A tap on the door interrupted him and Sally Pierce came in.

N-COUNT : usu N on/at n


If you tap your fingers or feet, you make a regular pattern of sound by hitting a surface lightly and repeatedly with them, especially while you are listening to music.

The song’s so catchy it makes you bounce round the living room or tap your feet.

VERB : V n


If you tap a resource or situation, you make use of it by getting from it something that you need or want.

He owes his election to having tapped deep public disillusion with professional politicians...

The company is tapping shareholders for £15.8 million...

The Campbell Soup Company says it will try to tap into Japan’s rice market.

VERB : V n , V n for n , V into n


If someone taps your telephone, they attach a special device to the line so that they can secretly listen to your conversations.

The government passed laws allowing the police to tap telephones...

= bug

VERB : V n

see also phone-tapping , wiretap

Tap is also a noun.

He assured MPs that ministers and MPs were not subjected to phone taps.

N-COUNT : oft n N


If drinks are on tap , they come from a tap rather than from a bottle.

Filtered water is always on tap, making it very convenient to use.

PHRASE : usu v-link PHR


If something is on tap , you can have as much of it as you want whenever you want. ( INFORMAL )

The advantage of group holidays is company on tap but time alone if you want it.

PHRASE : usu v-link PHR

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