Meaning of SHADE in English


(~s, shading, ~d)

Frequency: The word is one of the 3000 most common words in English.


A ~ of a particular colour is one of its different forms. For example, emerald green and olive green are ~s of green.

The walls were painted in two ~s of green. eyeshadows in a choice of 80 ~s.

N-COUNT: oft N of n, in N


Shade is an area of darkness under or next to an object such as a tree, where sunlight does not reach.

Temperatures in the ~ can reach forty-eight degrees celsius at this time of year...

...exotic trees provide welcome ~.

N-UNCOUNT: oft in the N


If you say that a place or person is ~d by objects such as trees, you mean that the place or person cannot be reached, harmed, or bothered by strong sunlight because those objects are in the way.

...a health resort whose beaches are ~d by palm trees...

Umbrellas ~ outdoor cafes along winding cobblestone streets.

VERB: be V-ed, V n


If you ~ your eyes, you put your hand or an object partly in front of your face in order to prevent a bright light from shining into your eyes.

You can’t look directly into it; you’ve got to ~ your eyes or close them altogether...

= shield



Shade is darkness or shadows as they are shown in a picture.

...Rembrandt’s skilful use of light and ~ to create the atmosphere of movement.

? light



The ~s of something abstract are its many, slightly different forms.

...the capacity to convey subtle ~s of meaning.

N-COUNT: usu pl, N of n


If something ~s into something else, there is no clear division between the two things, so that you cannot tell where or when the first thing ends and the second thing begins.

As the dusk ~d into night, we drove slowly through narrow alleys...

VERB: V into n


Shades are sunglasses . (INFORMAL)



A ~ is the same as a lamp~ .



A ~ is a piece of stiff cloth or heavy paper that you can pull down over a window as a covering. (AM; in BRIT, use blind )

Nancy left the ~s down and the lights off.

= blind



see also ~d , shading


To put someone or something in the ~ means to be so impressive that the person or thing seems unimportant by comparison.

...a run that put every other hurdler’s performance in the ~.

PHRASE: V inflects

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